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Cruising from the Port of Tampa

Updated on October 21, 2014

Why Choose This Port

The Port of Tampa is probably one of my favorite ports to cruise from. Not only because it's easy to get to, but also because of the surrounding environment. It's not fancy like the port in Miami, or Fort Lauderdale, but it has what's needed.

Port of Tampa

Port of Tampa
Port of Tampa | Source

Tampa Has Something Other Ports Don't

One thing that the Port of Tampa has, that no other ports have, is the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Traveling beneath this bridge, is an experience like no other cruise vacation, and it's definitely something that will remain in your mind for a long time to come.

We were a little surprised the very first time we took a cruise vacation out of the Port of Tampa, because we were expecting that we'd leave the dock around 4:00pm, and be at the bridge by 5:00pm, at the latest. Boy were we surprised, when we didn't reach the bridge until almost dark time. I think it took us about 2 1/2 hours to get there.

Cruising Beneath the Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Photos from the Port of Tampa

Here's some photos that I took while we were cruising on the Carnival Inspiration, while we were docked at the Port of Tampa, and also some photos of our travel to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

*All photos were taken by me.

Leaving the Port of Tampa
Leaving the Port of Tampa | Source

Port of Tampa

A markerPort of Tampa -
Port Tampa, Tampa, FL 33616, USA
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    • Taranwanderer profile image

      Taranwanderer 3 years ago

      Ahhhh....every time I see a cruise I wonder why I haven't yet taken one! Lol. Good work, lovelights!