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Crystal City Takes Flight Statues 11-20

Updated on April 15, 2008

Crystal City Takes Flight

Chicago had its cows, Tucson had its horses, and Washington, D.C. had its donkies and elephants. Those are just the first three cities that come to my mind when I think of cities that have in the past done series of statues that were placed all over the city. It is something many cities have done over the years. In April 2008, Crystal City placed its own set of statues around the "city." For Crystal City the choice was planes.

Crystal City is a neighborhood in Arlington, Virginia. It is right across the Potomac River from D.C. and is right before you get to Washington Reagan National Airport. It is the proximity to the airport that is the main reason this set of statues that have just landed in Crystal City are in the shape of planes. All the statues started out with one of two identical plane designs, but 50 different artists or artistic groups transformed the statues into distinct plane statues. The two starting styles are bi-plane and jet.

The statues will remain on display through July 2008. Go here for a downloadable walking map of the statue locations.

11. Graffiti Plane

Graffiti Plane is located at 12th Street and Crystal Drive. The artist is Kevin Irvin and the sponsor is Arlington Sports.

12. Crystal Constellations

Crystal Constellations is located across from 1300 Crystal Drive. The artist is Brenda Sylvia and the sponsor is Crystal City BID.

This is one of my favorite of the planes. It is one that you can spend a lot of time looking at with all the different constellations put on it.

13. Rock Solid

Rock Solid is located at 12th Street and Army Navy Drive. The artist is Pamela Marron and the sponsor is The Brainbridge Companies, LLC.

This jet plane is painted to resemble being made out of rocks.

14. Jewelry Plane

Jewelry Plane is located at 1750 Crystal Drive. The artist is Diana Gamerman and the sponsor is Crystal City Shops.

This bi-plane is decorated with different types of jewelry. It is colorful and has some interesting little trinkets to discover including small planes.

15. Eco-Plane

Eco-Plane is located at the Crystal City Water Park. The artist is Pixels & Ink Incorporated and the sponsor is JK Moving and Storage.

This jet plane is covered with recycled items including comic strips and Mountain Dew wrappers.

16. The Arc Takes Flight

The Arc Takes Flight is located at the Crystal City Waterpark. The artists are Maria Mandle and Drew Fockler and the sponsor is Trilogy Design Group.

This bi-plane has rainbow colors on it. I asssume this is the arc. As a play on the other spelling of arc (ark) the plane has animals painted on it making it a kind of Noah's Ark.

17. Kong Returns

Kong Returns is located at the Crystal City Water Park. The artist is Christopher Kelley and the sponsor is Gensler.

This has the base as King Kongs arm and he is grabbing the bi-plane.

18. Romeo & Juilet

Romeo & Juliet is located at the Crystal City Water Park. The artist is Alexey Zoob and the sponsor is Synetic Theater.

This bi-plane is a colorful representation of a Romeo and Juliet pair painting on the wings.

19. Pug Pilot

Pug Pilot is located at the Crystal City Water Park. The artist is Treva Elwood and the sponsor is Burns Architect.

The bi-plane has a dog face front and the wings are made to look like wings.

20. Caribou Jet Set

Caribou Jet Set is located at the Crystal City Water Park. The artist is Latoya Williams and the sponsor is Caribou Coffee.

This jet plane resembles a dolphin, so not really sure what is up with the Caribou name expect it relates to the sponsor.


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    • profile image

      JournalThoughts 9 years ago

      Saw these planes while out walking toay, very nice pictures.