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Crystal Grottoes Caverns and Spelunking

Updated on June 4, 2019
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Alex has taught at seven public schools, been accepted into three honorary societies, and traveled the Americas and Europe. He has his BS.

A photograph that I was permitted to take while I was in the caverns.
A photograph that I was permitted to take while I was in the caverns.

It Begins

Some time had passed since my visits to Canada and Washington, DC, so in August of 2017 I decided that I wanted to satisfy my inner travel itch. Therefore, I made plans to go spelunking on the 22nd of that same month. I grabbed my Indiana Jones hat, and I got ready to go to the nearest tourist cave in my old Ford Taurus. I prepared myself for Boonsboro Maryland and began my journey.

I should also note that the formations in the earth on the sides of the road (which appear on the drive to the 'Crystal Grottoes Caverns') are amazing. Such formations are not new to me, as I have a very long history of hiking. Still, such developments in the surrounding lands are gorgeous, and they only add to the charm of the whole experience. Never underestimate what one may perceive as something small or insignificant. Everything can acquire significance in the correct time and environment.

Cash Only

One item that people should be aware of is that the business only accepts cash. Do not try to use your card. For adults, admission is $20 per person. The price is half for young children. So many of us primary pay for items with plastic, but this is one case where paper money is necessary for business. And, for a business of her age, I'm not completely surprised that they do not accept anything outside of paper money and coinage. Such a phenomenon is common within the context of aged companies.

Some Else's Experience During The Same Year

One Of A Kind

'Crystal Grottoes' is the only public gave in the entire state of Maryland. Maryland isn'y Virginia. I have looked into Maryland cave exploration, and what is necessary to participate. However, the Baltimore Grotto of the National Speleological Society (NSS) only officially meets on days that I work. I still may look into joining the NSS in the future when I have more free time.

A Photograph Of The Business Entrance Building


The Guide

The young lady who gave us the tour of the caves was a very beautiful, and a very intelligent, woman. She even gave us mnemonic devices to help us remember the difference between stalactites and stalagmites. Because of that very sweet and amiable girl, I still remember which is which (stalactites hang from the ceiling). She was very helpful with information as we traveled on through the incredibly gorgeous caverns.

Beauty Everywhere

The guide would stop us once in a while to note areas of particular beauty. The wonder was intense at times. Lighting aids helped us to witness the product of so many years of the Earth's internal works. There are some formations which are so fragile that one shouldn't even touch them. Tours only take one through a large portion of the cave, but it is enough for a fantastic experience.

'Crystal Grottoes' In The News

Tight Spaces

There are places during the touring of the caves which are very small. Tight locations while one walks through the caves are noticeable, but should not usually be a great concern. I am about six feet (6') tall and German, and I was fine. I'm not stating that some people may not have had an easier time, so long as one is reasonable - there shouldn't exist any real issues. In fact, the small walk-through areas increase the attractiveness to this beautiful subterrane. I can't de-emphasize simply how charming this place really is!

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Pitch Black

Near the end of the tour, the guide prepared us for a few moments of complete darkness. She took away all light. She told us that there are only a small number of the kinds of areas that can get this dark (like the bottoms of some rain forests). It was so dark that absolutely no noticeable light radiation penetrated our corneas. We couldn't even see our hands in the fronts of our faces!

Everything Ends

The 'Crystal Grottoes' experience is wonderful. I will likely bring some loved ones with me and come again. This caving business is one that I would certainly recommend. I has supplied me with some beautiful memories that help in my advances in my personal creativity and in overall peace as well.

© 2019 Alexander James Guckenberger


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