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Cumberland Falls Kentucky A Nice Day Trip

Updated on August 26, 2009

Cumberland Falls Kentucky is a great place to travel to if you live within about a two hundred mile radius of the area and are looking for a great day trip. Even if you live further out you can still have a great time, but it might be a little bit of a long drive and still have enough time to enjoy yourself. However, Cumberland Falls Kentucky is a nice place to travel to at any time. Here are some reasons why you will want to travel to Cumberland Falls Kentucky and what you should look for before you travel to Cumberland Falls Kentucky.

One of the main things that you will want to consider prior to going to Cumberland Falls Kentucky is you will want to see if they are in a drought or not. I know that for me I made the mistake of going down during a drought and was not able to see Cumberland Falls at their full glory, but it was still an enjoyable time. However, you will want to try to make it down to Cumberland Falls Kentucky during a rainy period or just after a rainy period so you can see Cumberland Falls with more water running over them. Which Cumberland Falls when it has a ton of water running over it is even more beautiful than when it has just a trickle of water.

You will want to visit Cumberland Falls Kentucky though for the shear beauty of the region. I know that Cumberland Falls is located in a beautiful area that is part of a national forest that you have to drive through to reach Cumberland Falls. With the many pull offs that overlook some of the many valleys in the region you will want to try to go down in the fall at least once just to enjoy the leaf color change in the valley which will make beautiful pictures or paintings that you can either cherish as memories or find someway to market and sell them.

Now the real reason to go to Cumberland Falls in Kentucky though is to see the actual falls themselves. Which when you reach the parking area where Cumberland Falls is located you will notice that you can park right next to the river which is very nice and relaxing, but then you will want to walk down to Cumberland Falls so you can see them as well. However, you will want to try to take a path next to the river so you can enjoy the calm relaxation that the river will allow you to have while you are strolling to the falls.

Once you do reach Cumberland Falls you will notice that you can tour the gift shop which I would recommend doing because you can learn some of the history of the area from the people that work in the shop. Which is nice because then the local people are able to share their knowledge with you. Which allows them to feel good about themselves and the area that they live and work in. Then once you get done in the gift shop you will want to walk around some of the various paths that are around Cumberland Falls. I know that each of the paths will give you a various view of Cumberland Falls that you can enjoy at your own time without having to worry about getting a bad view.

Cumberland Falls Kentucky is a great place to take a day trip to or if live to far away you can find some great hotels and other places to lodge at close by. However, I would have to say that Cumberland Falls Kentucky is a wonderful place to travel to and just to be able to see the beauty and raw power that nature has will amaze anyone.

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