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Dangerous Animals in Africa. Buffalos, elephants, hippos' and wild boars can kill easily.

Updated on July 13, 2015

We all know that there are dangerous animals in Africa, for instance there is the fearsome predator, the tiger, colourful, but deadly.

There is the alligator that will drag you down into a river and drown you, then leave you to rot for a few weeks before he eats you.

The tsetse fly which kills three million people every year and then there is the good old rhino , large and dangerous if they charge at you, and getting the rhino's horn is not going to be nice, but what else is there, what other dangerous animals in Africa are lurking around to maim and kill us whilst we sleep or take in a safari?

There are other dangerous animals, which have maimed and killed people on a regular basis.

Massive Hippo Jaw
Massive Hippo Jaw

The Hippopotamus

African safaris or African holidays may never be the same again.

This African dangerous animal, may not seem so dangerous. It is usually found wallowing and playing in water or mud with its family, and the sheer bulk of it suggests that they are slow moving beasts.

But you would be wrong, hippopotamus' account for the most fatalities in humans in Africa than any other large mammal, including lions and tigers.

These bloated creatures can run at speeds of 20 kilometres' an hour, faster than an average human. Some of their teeth can be 20 centimeters long, and they can weigh between 1.5 to 3 tonnes.

The female hippos, will protect their young vigorously, and will see off virtually any living creature to protect them. This is where most of the human deaths have occurred. Tourists get to close and the mother protects their children by biting or stomping what they would consider to be a threat.

Hippos are herbivores, and will leave the water at dusk to consume grass and plants, traveling up to ten kilometers inland to graze. Although it has been noted in recent years that an occasional hippo may eat a bird.

Hippos cannot swim, nor can they float, they will propel themselves through the water by taking leaps off of the river bed and they need to breath at least every five minutes.

13 Ton Elephant Charging
13 Ton Elephant Charging

The African Elephant

African vacations would not be the same without seeing up close and personal the largest living land mammal.

This land mammal has been on the verge of extinction so many times, they are usually only found on reservations now. Poachers and ivory hunters have brought their numbers so low that the African elephant may never recover its numbers.

African elephants can weigh as much as 12,000 lbs, and can get very aggressive without provocation, and will attack anything on a whim, including vehicles and man.

Older protective male elephants and younger male elephants wanting to prove themselves are very dangerous as they will attack without provocation.

Many deaths on safaris in Africa have been caused by an elephant trampling people to death, simply because the people got to close, or sometimes the camera flashes have caused panic in the herd.

An elephant charging is a very scary experience, their weight, tusks, trunks and feet are all deadly weapons, and have all been known to kill.

Tourist Warning: Human Kidney Harvesting in Africa.

Wild Boar Tusks
Wild Boar Tusks
Boars can grow very Large
Boars can grow very Large

Wild Boars

Notoriously vicious animals who travel in packs of up to thirty. Not known to of caused many fatalities, but there are numerous accounts of injuries from their formidable tusks.

The male boar will lower its head to attack, and will charge using its tusks as weapons, the female will bite rather than using her smaller tusks.

Tigers are the main predator of the African Wild boar, as well as man. Male boars can grow to 180 cm ( 6 feet ) in length and can weigh on average over 200 kilograms and the tusks on male wild boars, can grow to 20 cm in length.

They are scavenging animals and will eat almost anything, meat or vegetation. They have been known to rip a leg or an arm off of a person and take it away with them, presumably to eat it.

Dangerous Cape Buffalo
Dangerous Cape Buffalo

Cape Buffalo

Cape Buffalo are classed as a dangerous animal in Africa because they have killed more big game hunters than any other animal. Lions hardly ever attack a Cape Buffalo, and then only when there are several lions onto one buffalo.

These 700 kg beasts, nearly three meters long, travel in herds of hundreds, and if one buffalo is attacked, then many of the closest Buffalo's will assist it and attack back.

Cape buffalos' are responsible for over two hundred fatalities to man a year, and will charge down any animal if they feel that they are being threatened.

They are herbivores eating mainly grass and bushes and can be found in grassland, plains and loosely forested areas of Africa. Many photographers have been gorged by the giant tusks on these animals.

A wounded buffalo is more dangerous than one which is not, and has been known to lay in wait for a pursuer to ambush it or them.

This Great White was off the South Africa Coast
This Great White was off the South Africa Coast

The Great White Shark

Not a creature that is usually associated with dangerous animals of Africa, but every year in Africa, there have been attacks by this marine mammal, including fully grown men being swallowed whole.

These great creatures of our oceans can be seen all over the world in warm tropical waters, and have been immortalised in horror films such as Jaws. The Great White Shark, is actually grey on top and white underneath, with hundreds of razor sharp teeth which can easily slice through any food and re-grow if they are lost.

Attacks on surfers are more common than any other attack. Around vacation resorts in Africa, their are shark watchers, who will warm bathers if a shark is around. Take heed of these warnings, becoming a meal for one of these beasts is not fun.

They will injure you, and drag you down into the sea for you to bleed to death and drown, then they will start to eat you once you have stopped struggling.

Abducted to Murder
Abducted to Murder


This is the most notorious and vicious killer in Africa.

Killing at random, torturing and beheading its prey for motives such as greed and for fun.

Believed to of killed over fifteen million lives over the last forty years for no real outcome. Usually comes armed to the teeth with machetes, knives and old Russian made AK47s, not to be messed with, avoid at all costs.

Groups of these wild animals have been seen in groups throughout Africa and will destroy whole villages of people on a whim.

Bribery is a way to deter these people, they will abduct small children and force them to become soldiers at the age of five . Always be careful.


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