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Desert Travel Tips

Updated on February 20, 2019

Desert Travel is not necessarily to the Sahara desert, it can be to the high desert in Bend Oregon,Palm Springs, California Las Vegas, Nevada or Africa, Australia. Many places in the world have high desert climates. These tips I give you this day will help you save money and time when traveling to the desert. Some desert areas are very hot but many people do not realize that these temperatures drop down to cold temperatures at night too. Typical desert temperatures can range from 100- down to 40 degrees which is Brrrr cold.

Image by Dave Cole
Image by Dave Cole | Source

Great tips for anywhere!!

Top DESERT Travel tips for you

  • Bring sunblock and use it, especially on your face, nose, neck and anything sun exposed. The last thing you want to do, is bring sun block and burn yourself and be uncomfortable the whole trip.I see so many people that bring their sunblock do not use it and are miserable the rest of their trip because they didn't think they needed it.
  • For most places the hottest part of the day is from 12-2pm most people stay indoors shopping in a mall or taking a siesta (nap) or eating inside a restaurant.
  • Bring a Hat, hats help keep your face from burning and are really helpful while walking the beach. You might want to add a ribbon or string to help keep your hat on in the wind.
  • Pack some hiking shoes, for travel, many undeveloped countries have lots of rubble you might need the extra support on the ankles. Make sure they are very comfortable, this is not the time to get new shoes but you can buy a pair about 2 months before you go on vacation to break them in. If you must wear heels for an event, I recommend cork heels or platforms because stiletto heels can sink in the sand or dirt.
  • Wear Light colored loose fitting clothing for the heat and wear layers, this insulates from the heat. For Example: Daytime Tank top with a Long sleeve white cotton/ rayon top over it khaki shorts and tennis shoes. For at night a long tank dress with a silk wrap for your shoulders and flat sandals.
  • Prepare for cold nights, pack a medium weight jacket for cold weather at night, the desert temperatures can drop pretty fast. In Africa it can get up to 100 and then down to 40 and you will be shivering your timbers off. Trust me on this one!
  • Always go together with other people, if you must leave the group, tell them where you are going. Even if it is to just go to the bathroom, more people get mugged there.
  • Take water if you are driving, if you are flying in, buy water after you get through the gates. always think about having water and water sources when you are outside in the heat.
  • Remember you cannot survive long without water, be sure to have water wherever you go.
  • Avoid strenuous activity in the heat of the day, try to plan your activities later in the day or early in the morning. Example: you will not want to go out kayaking between the hours of 12-2pm
  • DRINKING: A lot of alcoholic drinks in the heat of the day it will dehydrate you. if you must drink ..drink one glass of water per alcoholic beverage.
  • Do not ration water drink if you are thirsty. Drink the water and get to another water source fast.
  • Purchase a travel water filter for hiking trips, just in case. They usually cost about 35.00 this can save your life and help you to not get some terrible disease from drinking fresh water from a stream.


Zebras heading for the magical mana pools
Zebras heading for the magical mana pools | Source

New Safety Tip

  • The best tip I can give you is to make up a fake wallet, and put 10.00 in it. Today muggers have a new tactic, they give you a big "HUG" and rip you off so be sure to have that fake wallet ready for your FAKE HUG. My friends just got back from Paris and said they got mugged that way. Keep your real wallet strapped to your leg or money in your shoe, they will never know. I save those fake credit cards you get in the mail with a bogus name one them.


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