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Food tripping at Hong-kong, anything goes

Updated on June 8, 2018
Maria Cecilia profile image

Maria Cecilia believes that writing is a pleasure and at the same time a challenge to her flexibility.

Food Tripping

When I was told that I will be going to Hong Kong with my cousin, one of the first things that came to mind is the food. It can't be of any difference.... Filipinos are most exposed with Chinese cuisine, but I still want to see the difference.

It's always a rare experience for me, whenever I dined-in to a new place or restaurants that I have never visited before. Some even thought that I am a food blogger or Restaurant expert, but the reality about me is, I simply love to write, and I also love to eat. All these that I am posting, are mere records of my happy experience as I combined it to things that I always love to do.

Please join me in my adventure food tripping at Hong-kong...

My Airplane meal going to Hong Kong

It started inside the airplane

Since our flight was early, the airlines served us a breakfast meal which I considered my first meal of the day. I chose the chicken longganisa (common Filipino food, quite similar to sausage or hotdog) served with garlic rice and scrambled eggs, side dished with tomato and mushroom. The Chicken longganisa looked raw because of its pink color, but it is well done and tasted pleasant. it's good enough for a more than 2 hours air travel.

Super Super

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From the airport our service sent us to Rambler Hotel where we are set to check in as part of the package that my cousin chose for us. After checking in, we asked the reception where we can have our lunch and we were pointed to the mall at the basement of one of the buildings of Rambler hotel.

It was a cold season at Hong-kong then, that probably because of the cold atmosphere we chose to take our lunch at Super Super, which served Congee and Noodles. My cousin ordered for noodles with meatballs while I chose Sliced abalone and chicken congee. I love my congee a lot, that I told my cousin I am going to visit the place again before leaving for Manila.

Street Food at Mongkok,

Going to Hong Kong won't be completed without visiting this place called "Mongkok". Mongkok is quite crowded, lot of people went to this place to shop because expensive items are cheaper in this place.My cousin brought me to one store where people gathered to buy snacks or street food. The varieties of street food was really overwhelming. My cousin bought a cup of yellowish fishball or chicken ball, while I chose this squid like of small octopus like thing in a barbecue stick, which cost around 15 Hongkong dollar. I like the yellowish balls, tasted better with its spicy sauce, I can compare it with our chicken balls in the Philippines. While the Small octopus like thing, well I haven't seen something like it in the Philippines so I gave it a try. I can't really remember the taste but it was a bit chewy that I just swallowed most of the piece.

Another street food that caught my attention or my sense of smell was those things that looked like internal organs and ox tripe, I saw a lot of Chinese looking people and even senior ones who bought it and ate it heartily, wish I had the courage to try it...

Cafe de Coral

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For our dinner, my cousin and I went to Cafe de Coral, where we both ordered for a mini hotpot or shabu shabu. I originally ordered for something Korean, if my memory serves me right it's like Korean Stone grill something, but it was no longer available. But since I love shabu shabu hot pot is a good alternative.

The hot pot is good for two persons but my cousin and I chose to order separately... Well the broth is good just like in any shabu shabu resto, you can also ask for more but I guess it's much better if they also have "sate" broth there.

What we soaked in the broth is also very overwhelming... we had beef, that was thinly sliced, my favorite long stemmed mushroom and tofu, thin noodles and vegetable... I tried to finish them all for I have issues with wasted food. LOL.

Simple Breakfast at Cafe De Coral

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The following day, we went back to Cafe de Coral for our American Breakfast... I chose meatloaf with scrambled egg and this delicious piece of bread so soft wish I can find something like it in the Philippines.

Lunch at Starship Restaurant, Disneyland

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Inside Disneyland, after shopping and watching the parade, for lunch my cousin and I went to Starship restaurant. My cousin said the burger here was good so I also ordered for their Chees-burger packaged, aside from that I also ordered for the green garden salad thinking that the burger can't be enough to satisfy my hungry palate. But the cheeseburgers with fries and large drinks was enough to make me feel so full. So if you are not a big eater I can't recommend this for you or at least you must have someone with you that you can share half of it. The price of my meal including the salad is 142 Hongkong dollars... I think that is fair enough..

Pasta in Hong Kong

Click thumbnail to view full-size
http://Spaghetti with Chicken ScallopiniTheir version of white sauce pastaSpaghetti with Itallian SauceHome Made Beef Lasagnatheir Iced Tea version
http://Spaghetti with Chicken Scallopini
http://Spaghetti with Chicken Scallopini
Their version of white sauce pasta
Their version of white sauce pasta
Spaghetti with Itallian Sauce
Spaghetti with Itallian Sauce
Home Made Beef Lasagna
Home Made Beef Lasagna
their Iced Tea version
their Iced Tea version

After meeting our childhood friend in Disneyland, the three of us went to Mongkok again to stroll and to shop. It was way past dinner time when we finally decided to dine in a restaurant that obviously served pasta because of its name "The Spaghetti House".

I know Hong-kong is not really well-known in cooking spaghetti or pasta so I was really curious. We ordered the following: Homemade beef Lasagna, Spaghetti with Italian Sauce, and Spaghetti with Chicken Scallopini. The presentation was attractive and tempting. But the taste was not really that impressive. Well, I am not sure about others but if I will base it on my own taste in pasta, I can really say that our pasta in the Philippines is much better.

But I want to give it the benefit of the doubt, some may like that kind of taste in a pasta, so let's just say it depends on the one eating it. I don't think I can judge the restaurant by just trying three of what they offered in their menu. Maybe I will still give it a try next time...

Starbucks at Citygate

On our last day since we need to go back to the hotel to check out, we only had coffee at Starbucks at City Gate Mall.

My Airplane meal

I can't remember what Philippine Airlines served us for dinner, but I can say that it tasted good and satisfying enough.

But before that, my cousin and I had a separate quick snack at the Hong Kong airport, she went to Mc Donalds while I went to Pop Eye.


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    • Maria Cecilia profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Cecilia 

      2 years ago from Philippines

      Hi CraftytotheCore sorry for a very late response. Thanks for visiting..

    • CraftytotheCore profile image


      7 years ago

      Now you've made me totally jealous! Good for you! How fortunate you are to be able to travel and share these wonderful adventures. Such an amazing experience! I want to go to Disney just to get the Mickey Mouse shapes on a salad now! LOL

    • Maria Cecilia profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Cecilia 

      7 years ago from Philippines

      Hi Kabayan nice meeting you, obviously I love to eat, you need to help me lose weight hahahah

    • beingwell profile image


      7 years ago from Bangkok

      Voted up! Hi kabayan! Wow, most of the photos are of foods! Seems like you really had a grand time in HK! Good for you!! :)


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