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Discover the Magic! Ibiza. Your Paradise on Earth!

Updated on September 3, 2014
Cala Bassa across San Antonio
Cala Bassa across San Antonio | Source

San Antonio, September, 2011. It’s Spanish lunchtime and time to make you understand why you really should come over to one of the most beautiful Balearic Islands. While looking over the port, coffee with milk in front of me, a mix of Spanish, English, German and French tourists walk by, on their way to one of the restaurants.

If you ever plan to go to a Spanish island, go to Ibiza! Not just for the extreme partying and the exaggerated entrance prices, but much more for the sexy vibe and loungy feeling the island radiates. A trip on your own, single and open minded will make Ibiza one of the best places to stay. You’ll be amazed about the beautiful people passing by, as well as the huge belly’s of certain English old men.

The One Ibiza hotel. Wonderful!
The One Ibiza hotel. Wonderful! | Source

Shiny Six Packs

When I came to Ibiza the first time in 2010, I stayed in The One Ibiza hotel, perched on a rock cliff, overlooking the Ibiza Old town and the island Formentera. It’s spectacular views from your enormous bed besides the pool, takes your breath away, making you want to have your own house at Ibiza one day. To enjoy the glorious nature of Ibiza, this is the place to be! It’s 15 minutes away by car, from the parties at Ibiza town, with your room in one of the classic Mediterranean style buildings, surrounded by pine apple trees and lots of piece and quietness.

Interesting to know is the attraction to Italians here. Lots of hotels in Ibiza town, work with Italian tour operators, whereas San Antonio is filled with English and Irish visitors. When I visited Ibiza as a single woman, staying in the One Ibiza hotel, I definitely couldn’t complain about the wonderful views of certain men, shining heavily because of the sun oil, they covered their six packs with. I had a great weekend as an Ibiza virgin, I must say!

Café Mambo and the magic
Café Mambo and the magic | Source

Unforgettable Sunsets

Depending on your budget, I’d recommend renting a car. Ibiza has the most wonderful beaches but most of them, are better reached by car. Public transport is set up well, but the buses don’t drive on and off all day. If you’re a beach person that’s fine but for those who get quite bored after a few hours, waiting for the bus at the end of the midday, can take too much of your patience and time.

Since everyone talks about it and any tourist guide of Ibiza will say the same, San Antonio is the place to be, if you want to watch the most spectacular sunsets in the world. You might wonder why. So did I. Sunsets are beautiful but why would the one in San Antonio be any different. Just to be sure, I booked my studio in a very simple two star hotel, 50 meters from that magnificent place to be.

Again I stayed for a long weekend, noticing how each day, hundreds of people started passing by, between seven and eight o’clock at night. All of them on their way to a small boulevard, with four or five bars and restaurants, wonderful music coming from their speakers, meanwhile waiting for the sun to go down. Café Mambo and Café del Mar have the fame for their space and their decoration but most of all for their loungy music, played exactly
right when looking over at the sunset.

I know now why sunsets in Ibiza, are the best! It’s not just the music, couples looking over to the horizon holding hands, groups of friends wining and dining but most of all, it’s an experience of uniting people with the same passion.

Watching a sunset, adoring it’s beauty and when finally the sun disappears, a loud applause arises from the mass, people yelling in the air as if celebrating another amazing day. It’s truly special to be part of such a celebration, surrounded by people you’ve never seen in your entire life. As for my future home at Ibiza….it must be in San Antonio! A sunset so special, never bores.

Ibiza town
Ibiza town | Source

The Drunken Side of Ibiza

Like many of my fellow Ibiza fans will say….Ibiza is magical! But in all honesty, Ibiza can be different too. Loads of party people flush the island in July and August, leaving their trace of puke and litter on the streets after leaving one of the best clubs, spread over the island. You’d better inform yourself well, before booking a hotel because some of them are famous for all the young folks, drinking 24-7!

The all inclusive resorts can be horrific for a couple wanting to combine party and piece, having to watch drunken kids, occupying the whole pool, making a lot of noise after another beer, but screaming even louder during the night. Alcohol takes away most of one’s decency. Hip hip hurray.

Next to alcohol and the lack of sleep, important pills are used with extreme enthusiasm to get through that never ending night, leaving a trace of violence and certain diseases, transmitted by a kiss or more. I can only tell you that I've never witnessed anything like it, but by chatting with my fellow neighbors in the two star hotel, this is what Ibiza life, meant to them. Another pill, another night, another party.

As for the noise in hotels like these, I must admit I was in the wrong one this time. A cheap hotel in September is no guarantee for older people in the rooms. I was the oldest. I’m 38! Then again I could walk to every sunset in three minutes, making me forget about that loud night, in an instant.

Besides that, being Bipolar has its advantages. The pills I take every night, bring me into the deepest sleep ever, so the banging on my door at five a.m. suddenly seems not that loud. You wake up for a second, look at the time and get back to sleep. Party people coming home around this hour is not that strange at all. Banging on several doors isn't strange either.

On one of my boats. Hah!
On one of my boats. Hah! | Source

Don't Forget to Save Some Money!

Since I went on my own again, leaving my dear boyfriend to take care of our cats, everything you pay for, you pay for on your own. Ibiza is expensive. At least when you compare prices in the lower season with those in Valencia, Spain across the sea. I’m used to a coffee for 1,40 euro, a coca-cola for 2,50 euro and a complete lunch for 10 euro.

For a salad, a coca-cola and a coffee, watching that beautiful sunset at Café Mambo, I had to pay 22 euro! A boat trip of two hours from San Antonio to the island Formentera, cost me 35 euro! The boat trip is worth it though, but I advice to take the boat from Ibiza town, if you get easily seasick. That will take 30 minutes and no puking. Unfortunately I puked the whole two hours on our way back to San Antonio, wishing that storm at open sea, had come a little later.

A sun bed and an umbrella at the beach will cost you 12 euro and a taxi from San Antonio to the airport will be around 28 euro. All of the prices are much higher than I’m used to, so I ate some more Burger King, to do the trips I really wanted.

You Want to Go Again and Again

Next time I’ll be going with my honey, to rent a squat and see the rest of beautiful Ibiza. You can’t see everything in just a few days. For sure we’ll save some money, to dance until midnight in one the most famous clubs of the island, Pacha and pay the normal 10 euro for a beer, the entrance of a mere 70 euro a person and we’ll wine and dine for 100 euro, while watching that amazing sunset.

For those who know a friend of a friend of a friend, with a house at Ibiza…try to get there as soon as possible and make sure you’ll see more than just the inside of Amnesia or Paradis. Ibiza is your perfect holiday destination if you like sun, sea, culture and a magical ambiance, surrounding you every day, when you wake up, overlooking the clear blue sea, from your balcony! Have fun!

Listen, watch and feel the vibe...


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    • Ibiza Style profile image

      Ibiza Style 2 years ago

      great hub, give me a shout when youre coming next, maybe know a nice squat for you ;)

    • Escobana profile image

      Escobana 5 years ago from Valencia

      @ Sueswan....Like a paradise!

      @ Lady E...Gorgeous and a place you wanna go back to all the time...thanks for reading:-)

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 5 years ago from London, UK

      Gorgeous Place. I enjoyed reading about it.

    • profile image

      Sueswan 5 years ago

      Que Bonita!