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Travel to Ancient Perigueux, France

Updated on March 14, 2013
Perigueux Coat-of-Arms
Perigueux Coat-of-Arms

Perigueux, France

Périgueux is a small town just East of Bordeaux. It is the capital of the Dordogne region and has an ancient history that predates most other European cities. The region surrounding Périgueux includes some of the most spectacular rolling hills and stone cliffs you will ever see. The town tries to maintain its small town feel and has several country events held throughout the summer, all of which will involve food.

If you happen to be there visiting be sure to check out the St.Front cathédral. The odd shaped roofs were revolutionary at the time, we actually it was revolutionary for the French but in reality it was an old technology for the Arabs who they stole the plans from. The roof structure allowed for larger interior space, a concept that brought on flying butraces and vaulted ceilings, etc...

Duck Perigord Style
Duck Perigord Style

Eating Well

The Dordogne region is known worldwide for the size and quality of the fruit it produces; strawberries the size of fists, vineyards, and the very best Bordeaux cherries. The region around Périgueux has an abundance of wetlands, perfect for duck-hunting. Périgueux restaurants will cook you a duck better than you ever thought possible. The world famous Fois-gras, a fatty goose liver paté, and of course truffles originates from this region as well.

St. Front Cathedral
St. Front Cathedral

Saint-Front Cathedral

If you happen to be there visiting it's hard to miss the Saint-Front Cathedral. The large and impressive Cathedral was built in the late 12th century. Built on the remains of a burnt down Abby and before that a Roman religious center the area has been a religious hub for centuries. The Cathedral is now protected as a World Heritage Site. Built in the shape of a Greek Cross and use of domed roofs make this Cathedral unique. Remember that although tourists are welcome to visit, the Cathedral is still an important religious building so be sure to be silent and pay your respects.

St. Front From Above
St. Front From Above

The Ancient Ruins

Périgueux was an important trading town during the Middle-Ages. Though, before that it was called Vesone, an Ancient Roman Villa. Ancient ruins can be found throughout the area and most are within a days walking distance. Perhaps my favourite site are the ruins of an old Roman Amphitheatre that once stood strong in the center of town. Now the Amphitheatre is in ruins but is still open to the public. The inside was transformed into a family park with a small wadding pool and fountain for children trying to escape the summers heat.

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Perigueux Amphitheater Périgueux Château BarrièrePérigueux Hotel Angoulême
Perigueux Amphitheater
Perigueux Amphitheater | Source
Périgueux Château Barrière
Périgueux Château Barrière | Source
Périgueux Hotel Angoulême
Périgueux Hotel Angoulême | Source


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