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Disney World Vacations on a Budget

Updated on June 13, 2013

Save Money on Food

Family vacations to Disney World can get expensive when figuring in accomodations, event tickets, souvenirs, and food. Finding deals on airline tickets and accommodations is relatively easy due to the competitiveness of online travel agencies. Some also offer discount tickets to the various parks in and around Disney World.

One expensive item that is essential on any trip or vacation is food. Planning ahead can save a considerable amount on a food budget. Sodas and drinks at most of the parks cost a minimum of $2 each. This is $10 for one round of drinks for a family of five. Water is free at most counter service restaurants and vendors and can add up to a lot of savings when considering how many drinks would be purchased for a family in a day's time. Powered flavor packs are easy to carry and help add flavor for those who desire it.

Chances are that the majority of people who vacation at Disney World have children. Many restaurants let children of a certain age range eat for free. A sit down meal with free food for kids can cost less than fast food with a Happy Meal. Leftovers that are appropriate for a while at room temperature can be taken to the hotel for kids to snack on later.

Check Portion Size

A no outside food allowed rule exists in most of the various parks. Items that can fit in a purse, backpack, or fanny pack, such as nabs, power bars, and chips, can easily be taken into the parks without a problem, just dispose of any trash properly.

Many places serve extremely large portions, sometimes more than even two adults can eat. Two entrees can sometimes easily feed two adults and 2-3 children, depending on their age and appetite.

Meal deals on an average are good deals for the money, but not if half of it gets thrown away. Save a couple of bucks by just ordering a single sandwich if the whole meal is not wanted. Another option that can work when ordering food at outdoor vendors and food courts is the option of ordering off of the children's menu, and is enough to feed some adults. This doesn't work at sit down restaurants, so don't go overboard.

For any sit down meals choosing lunch time over dinner hours is usually cheaper. As a general rule most places serve discounted specials during lunch hours and the same meals are more expensive when ordered during the evening from the dinner menu. A lot of money can be saved when vacationing at Disney World, food is one area in which a little planning can go a long way towards saving money.



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