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Disneyland Paris does have Serious Fun, Thrilling Rides, Water Action and Live Entertainment

Updated on April 12, 2017

Disneyland Hotel

Courtesy of Creative Commons License.
Courtesy of Creative Commons License. | Source

Break Up A City Trip With Some Fun

So you are in Paris on a romantic break and it occurs to you that after viewing four thousand renaissance paintings in the Louvre it is time to break out your inner child.

Situated twenty minutes from the center of Paris, Disneyland Paris offers world class adventure travel park action specifically catering for family holiday fun - but don't let that stop you.

Easily accessible via city coaches or as part of a European adventure on the Eurostar, you won’t be disappointed and will have the advantage of speed and cunning when it comes to getting on the best rides.

If you want to pack some adventure and exercise into your city break there is no better way to explore and experience new sensations than a trip to Disneyland Paris.

Within the park you have the opportunity to set your own itinerary and increase the level of thrills and spills as you see fit. Open since 1992 there are modernised copies of Disneyland USA sections such as Mainstreet, Discoveryland, Adventureland, Frontierland and Fantasyland and the presence of all your favorite stars from Walt Disney.

We got to experience the gorgeous Disneyland Hotel which is an excellent replica of the Fantasia designed USA version, and at a more reasonable price than Florida. Accommodation is modern with tons of food available at breakfast which sets you up nicely for the park's challenges. We stayed on a two night package.

Courtesy of Creative Commons License.
Courtesy of Creative Commons License. | Source
Everyone wants to be a pirate. (CCL)
Everyone wants to be a pirate. (CCL) | Source
Sing until you are hoarse! (CCL)
Sing until you are hoarse! (CCL) | Source

White Knuckle Rides: The Facts

A map to the Disneyland Park provides grades and levels to adventure travel which give you the advantage over any kids studying the same map due to your superior reading skill that comes with age.

We found the scenic ride on Catastrophe Canyon with shaking earthquakes and rumbling volcanoes lots of fun, with explosive reminders of Hollywood film sets that had us holding our own quiz night as we bet each other pounds based on the answers to trivial questions like; "Was it Independence Day or 2012?"

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride was thrilling and we kept going back for more. Everyone wants to be a pirate and practise looking for treasure. I still hope we find some buried under our house like Jamie Oliver did recently.

To tackle the bigger and scarier rides like Big Thunder Mountain’s rollercoaster we needed to book to make sure we got on. The coaster is one of the biggest five in Europe and was scary and thrilling. Not a child in sight. The Rock n Roll Rollercoaster featuring Aerosmith was great fun and had us singing until we were hoarse.

Rapid Water Park Rides:

Splishing and splashing down rapid based rides is a great way to imagine you are doing this for real. You can tell how you are going to react before making the commitment to shooting off down the rapids of the Ayung River in Indonesia.

Until Disneyland Paris we hadn’t really discussed the idea that we could go for a more adventurous holiday sometime. The thought of going glacier cruising in Alaska while watching bears from a distance, or floating down the Amazon’s Tortuguero Canals, while raindrops from the overhead branches of the Costa Rican river splash us, started to seem achievable.

Entertainment and Adventure:

Not so much French entertainment, as you might think, there’s more of an international flavor to what is on offer. From blues music, cabaret, rock and roll cover bands, to bars where DJs play top 40 hits, it was nice to be able to go out and dance.

It is amazing how when you get a little bit older, you never feel like you can dance anywhere but a wedding or your own loungeroom. Add Disneyland Paris to your list. Now I know why people like having children, it gives them an excuse to be a child again.

Education and Exploration:

I sometimes think the best adventure travel means dreaming about a trip before you do it. There's a lot of educational stuff in the park which can spark off waves of questions about countries, animals and where things came from which kept me struggling to recall geography lessons from high school. I also got my travel bug back for adventure tours again. I might go and hike Kilimanjaro next year.

After Dark Time To Relax:

Disneyland Paris is true to the spirit of Walt Disney’s vision to keep everyone’s hearts young. We enjoyed the Buffalo Bill show on our first night and the Texan meal gave us a taste of the USA. The second night we spent ages in the Nex Game Arcade and then ate at The Rainforest Café. The big toadstool outside and the noises of the wild was just as amusing as the wisecracks of a computerised macaw bird during the meal.

We realised that the door to adventure travel to real destinations was only a notion away as we gained a thirst for activity and got a real work out at Disneyland Paris.

Big Thunder Mountain Rail Road, Disneyland Paris


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