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Diving Akumal Bay Mexico

Updated on June 29, 2012

Have a Great Mexican Vacation

The small town of Akumal is located in Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula, between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. Scuba diving and reef snorkeling in Akumal Bay is breathtaking.

The Akumal 'Half Moon' Bay has a beautiful white sand beach that is nestled along warm blue-green water. The cove is teaming with marine life, and is a great vacation destination for some underwater fun. You may choose the area strictly for a relaxing time, or decide to take your P.A.D.I. certification courses during your stay.

As you dive along the second largest barrier reef in the world, you will experience all types of marine animals, fish and sea life. Swim along side dozens of sea turtles feeding, snappers, angel fish, barracudas, squid and sting rays. Make sure to bring a waterproof camera to capture all of nature's splendor.

Akumal Bay boasts a beautiful sandy beach that is well protected by the reef. The green water is shallow and has a mixture of sandy and rocky bottom where a multitude of marine life can be seen. This is a great location for a wonderful vacation getaway in Mexico.

sea turtle
sea turtle | Source
Akumal 'Half Moon' Bay
Akumal 'Half Moon' Bay | Source

Snorkeling Fun

Not everyone wants to adventure out to deeper waters. If this sounds like you, do not fear. There is a lot of snorkeling fun to be had right off the beach. However, it is important to wear foot protection when entering the waters due to rocks and shells that are scattered through out the beach line. Excellent places to snorkel are located up and down the beach, but a couple places of note include:

  • Yal-ku Lagoon: The lagoon is lined with natural limestone formations and is protected from the weather, so it is always calm. Snorkel tours are available daily and is great for the whole family.
  • Jade Bay Beach: It is located in the central part of the area.
  • Aventuras Akumal Beach: Located in the southern area.

The Reefs

When diving out at the reef lines you can expect to swim areas that will range in elevations. The shallow areas tend to range from 20 to 40 feet deep. As you progress out, the reef will range 50 to 75 feet deep. When you plan a dive to the deeper spots on the large barrier reef you can experience dramatic formations and elevations that can range from 100 to 150 feet deep. During your dive, expect to see many unique underwater formations along with a lot of schooling fish, marine life and corals.

Diving in Mexico Akumal Bay reef

Akumal Bay Underwater


How to Have a Great Dive

So you decided to take a vacation to this Mexican destination and want to go diving or snorkeling, now what? If you have visited the area in the past you may have already developed a relationship with a dive shop or dive boat. If not, you may want to seek out some local expertise. If snorkeling or diving from shore, a little guidance on beach spots can be helpful. But if you are want to dive from a boat, you will need to find a local charter service. Sometimes you can get set-up for your day trip right from your hotel, especially if you will be staying along the beach. If not, seek out a couple of dive shops to find out what types of scuba diving equipment, classes or charters that they offer.

Akumal Dive Shop: Phone (52)-984-875-9032, Toll free in Mexico - 01 800 462 1212. The area's oldest shop is located on the beach and can provide good quality snorkel and dive equipment, as well as dive training and P.A.D.I. certified courses.

Akumal Dive Adventures: (52)-984-875-9157, Toll free in U.S. - 888-425-8625.

Akumal Dive Center: (52)-984-875-9025, From the U.S. - 719-359-9672.

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