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Do something nice for people this Easter weekend + get great luggage from Eagle Creek

Updated on March 25, 2016

No Matter What™ Flatbed AWD Carry-On

Eagle Creek's No Matter What™ Flatbed AWD Carry-On comes in a number of sizes, including (domestic) carry-on and international carry-on. They've worked with the major air carriers to find out the exact dimensions that are allowed as unchecked luggage. Now, some of their products have expansion capability, which would make the bags too large to carry on board. So, don't pack too much!

This particular Eagle Creek line is very modern and chic. Made with brasion-resistant, water repellant, Bi-Tech™ fabric, it's good for rainy, wet situations. The material has a very tactile, smooth, almost waxy texture. It takes a deep color saturation, giving it a brand-new look for a long time.

It has a couple of flaps, mesh pockets and other easy-stash sections.

The bags have light, easy telescoping handles plus all direction wheels to get you out of tough spots. These Mega treaded Hovercraft™ AWD Wheels are created for dynamic travel over land, water, mud and ice.

Get yourself a bright color, to have luggage that really stands out in the crowd.

You + Eagle Creek helping those in need this March

From now until the end of March, for each purchase in their "luggage and packs" category -- whether that's a piece of wheeled luggage, travel pack or duffle -- Eagle Creek will donate a special packH2O to ensure safer water transport in areas of the world where safe drinking water is an issue.

UNICEF estimates that 2.4 billion people live in "water-stressed" areas and the bearing of water across great distances is mostly borne by women and children. Many times, the only water tight carriers they can find are abandoned metal cans that previously contained fuel and lubricants.

EC Lync™ System Carry-On

This line of luggage comes in a number of sizes, including international carry-on size. It's a wheeled-backpack combo that has an interesting concept: you can completely dissemble the frame -- which comes with sewn-in instructions -- and stick the whole thing in a little sack that comes with each bag.

Think of this bag style as the perfect thing to pack in other bags that you may be carrying, for extra packing and traveling convenience. For instance, you may be headed to one destination and have to take a side trip to another. Or, perhaps you love purchasing souvenirs during your journeys and will need the extra portability. You can even think of this bag as extra insurance while abroad, if your main bag gets destroyed.

It's especially light with a T-bar telescoping handle and comes in a range of both neutral and super-bright colors. It has stylish, patent-shiny straps for extra style.

5 stars for Eagle Creek luggage


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