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Dominican Republic My Ratings

Updated on February 6, 2019
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Author Cheryl is an 9 time published author. She has dedicated her life to healthcare and raising awareness of abuse and mental health.

The History of Dominican Republic

Our Trip To Dominican Republic. What We Loved.

My husband and I went to Dominican Republic for our first anniversary and this is what I loved. We stayed at the Life style tropical resort hotel and it was beautiful, the customer service was phenomenal. There were day packages that we could have bought but we decided to hire a taxi and a tour guide which only cost us roughly in US dollars about 50 bucks. It was so worth it for the entire day.

The most beautiful mountain which they filmed some scenes of Jurassic Park was indeed excellent and worth the whole 12 dollars to go up the mountain. You get in a cable car and it takes you two thousand feet in the air. Once we arrived at the top of the mountain the view was breathtaking.

Every inch of that mountain side was perfectly landscaped. Children picked flowers to give to me for a dollar to help their families.

Our next stop was the waterfall. I did not want to walk all the way up to the huge waterfall but they had a smaller one that wasn't too far away. A guide took us to the first waterfall and it was beautifully placed in a hideaway. On our way up to the water fall was a man sitting carving figures out of wood. We gave him our names and he made us a lovely wooden figurine of a heart with two people kissing and the date we were there.

The resort had many nightly activities including dancers, artist and jewelry makers who personalized things you purchased.

The rest of the day we spent driving around, stopping into a store where they make cigars by hand, a beautiful church and a jewelry store that made rings and necklaces out of their national stone. I picked up a nice ring there for about 50 bucks.

The week was filled with swimming, shopping and of course eating. Drinks were included in our vacation package.

All in all I would certainly return to the Dominican Republic maybe to Punta Cana this time.

Domincan Republic
Domincan Republic | Source

What We Disliked

The one thing about traveling to parts of a third world country is the constant people approaching you to buy their goods. I fully understand this must be the only way they get to eat but I feel like if they didn't bother you so much, more people would be willing to buy there products.

The food at the resort was little to be desired. We go out of the country to sample their food but instead they try to cook American food and its a big fail. My husband and I lived off of eggs for breakfast and fried wings and French fries for the week.

The beach was beautiful and their were lovely beds covered that you could lay on but getting one proved to be harder then we thought. About the third day I watched people standing at this gate and what was happening they would take their things and put them on a bed then go on about their business even if they were not coming back for hours. I found this practice and the resort allowing it to be rude.

The one thing that irritated us the most is the guys with the clip boards. We really didn't know what it was all about. They told us it would be a 30 minute showing of their Villas and it ended up being a whole day of vacation lost by them trying to sell us a time share for 8 thousand dollars. If you see any people with a clip board run as fast as you can.

Best Resorts in Dominican

Is the Dominican Republic Safe To Travel To? Tips On Safety

The Dominican Republic is a generally safe country for tourists. Most tourists stay in hotels and resorts on the East side of the island, where the only major risk is getting a bad sunburn. On the other hand, large cities like Santo Domingo or Santiago can have some rough areas where tourists are prime targets for petty theft.

Dominican people are very friendly, tourists are very welcomed. Most visitors travel unharmed, but don’t let negligence ruin your trip. Stay alert and be aware. It is advised to travel with tour guides when going to remote locations or visiting the cities where the risks are higher.

There are some things you should not do while in a foreign country. Don’t wear expensive jewelry or carry large amounts of cash or expensive items like smart phones or cameras on the street. Use a hotel safe whenever possible. Don’t leave your bags or other possessions on chairs or tables in restaurants or bars.

Lifeguards may not be present at swimming pools or on beaches and safety and rescue equipment may not be available.

The sea can be dangerous, especially during the hurricane season (June-November). Seek local advice about sea conditions and warning systems and follow instructions.

Don’t go into the water if you’re under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

Let a taxi bear the burden of driving. If you find yourself lost, it can leave you open for robbery. There are beautiful places in Haiti but save that for another time when you can go there on vacation to a tourist spot.

Just be aware of your surroundings once you leave your resort.

Tips and Tricks in Dominican Republic

It Was a Nice Vacation Spot

For the most part our trip was excellent. The scenery on the resort was beautiful. Our bed everyday had rose petals on it and a piece of chocolate when we returned for the night.

Our fridge was stocked with beer and water because you never want to drink the water in another country. Just don't do it.

All in all I would go back there but maybe to a different resort this time.

You Can't Beat The Beach

The scenery captivating
The scenery captivating | Source

Things You Didn't Know About the Dominican Republic

Picture a white sand beach, palm trees gently swaying in the wind, and crystal blue water stretching as far as the eye can see. For many people, this view is synonymous with the Dominican Republic, one of the most well-known and most-visited islands in the world. The island certainly draws in millions of visitors a year because of its tropical climate and beauty, but the country also has deep cultural ties and an incredible (if difficult) history for a well-rounded vacation experience.

The Dominican Republic has the largest economy in the Caribbean mostly because of tourism.

Dominican people dress to impress.

The Dominican Republic shares an island (Hispaniola) with Haiti; one of two Caribbean islands where 2 countries share one island. It's the only country in the world where one island is held by two sovereign nations.

Fashion designer Oscar de la Renta was born in the Dominican Republic.

It is the 2nd largest Caribbean nation after Cuba.

A huge piece of amber with the mosquito trapped inside (which was replicated and made famous by the movie Jurassic Park) can be found in the Amber Museum in Puerto Plata.

Dominican Republic is one of the most visited Islands in the Caribbean. A breath taking island that anyone could enjoy.


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