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Dominican Republic my ratings

Updated on November 25, 2011

How we Faired in Dominican

So my husband and I went to Dominican Republic for our anniversary and this is what I loved. We stayed at the Life style tropical resort hotel and it was great except for people trying to sell you a time share you didnt want. We spent a half day vacation listening to their nonesense to realize we did not want to pay 12,000 for a presidential suite plus 625 a week extra to stay. The food over all gets about a 1 it was not that great and the customer service was excellent. We found that if we hired a taxi to take us around it was cheaper than the excursions. The moutain where they filmed Jurasic park was awesome a must see. We also did not appreciate the people who cursed us who we did not want to buy their things. That was a mess for sure. Over all if you avoid the guys with the clipboards and the pushy people selling stuff our stay was wonderful. We found if you go on line you can book the presidential suite for cheaper than they wanted you to buy it for. We will not use it enough to get our money back but nice try peeps. Over all our vacation was great except for the few little PIA,s that drove us crazy. The bar tenders and rest of the staff were fabulous. Great trip but we will go else where next year.

Domincan Republic
Domincan Republic | Source


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