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Dr. Steward HK's Matagorda Skies 2047

Updated on June 6, 2017

Question Yourself

You must ask yourself a question. Why is it that so many different species of birds are attracted to Matagorda? Why are there so many winged creatures attracted to Matagorda? Are the birds and other winged creatures using the Matagorda Portals to quickly travel to other dimensions? Let's face it. Birds are experts when it comes to air travel.

Queen Nubiposh buys herself a Spaceboard. Now she can use it when she travels through the Matagorda Portals. She goes to Aggrogine when she enters the Matagorda Portals.

King Clad holds a Moon Concert. Bigzy Bob is on the drums. Crammy Crane plays the Bass.

What does King Clad play?

King Clad plays the keyboard. King Clad is the Lead Vocalist. Sophdual taught Bigzy Bob how to play the drums.

Prince Clad 2040: The Game helps lead Humans into perfection. King Clad is very interested in building lunar railroads. However, Queen Nubiposh knows that the work is extremely dangerous. King Clad could be accidentally killed because of the dangerous Space explosives that must be used. He would make a ton of money. Sure he would. But is it worth it? Is it worth losing your life over? Not only that, but she would barely get to see him.

Too Exhausted

He would be too tired for the boom boom. She knows she would get lonely. She doesn't want to live in a sad situation.

All 6 Transhuman Clones are now destroyed. Let's hope that Adino doesn't mess up anything else. After all, Adino is the reason the Clones came about in the first place.

It's time to bring down Anammelech's empire. King Clad enjoys working for Dr. Steward HK. He has worked his way up the Tower and proven himself to the ZionAncientz. He takes his opportunities and runs with them. It's now time for Queen Nubiposh to proceed on her Space journey.

Strong Economy

The economy of Aggrogine has strengthened even more since Nubiposh became Queen. The people are very happy with her policy making. Queen Nubiposh is a legend. She tells King Clad that she adores him. She breaks the laws of physics by traveling through the Matagorda Portals. Queen Nubiposh has what it takes to become a ZionAncient.

I create my own University. I have awarded Degrees to dozens of intelligent individuals. Humans are prepared for 2018 through my most current work. I have researched many things. I love giving out wealth to my fans. The ZionAncientz love giving out wealth to my fans.

High Ranking Names Only

After all, my most loyal fans deserve it. You only receive wealth from us if your name is high up on our ranking system.

The Sardonyx Jewel is supposedly somewhere in a hidden trunk. The Aliens do not have Queen Nubiposh's permission to roam on Earth.

The year is 2050.

Queen Nubiposh is very powerful. She has done an excellent job destroying so many Aliens. Now she has advanced her Frothism Fighting Style. She no longer destroys the Aliens. Now she subdues them and arrests them. Queen Nubiposh's empire is expanding quickly.

A Brother and a Sister

Queen Nubiposh finds out she has a brother. His name is Knubi. She also has a sister. Her name is Whitestar. She has a brother in law. She has 2 nephews. Whitestar Lank and Knubi Lank are their names. Her brother Knubi is married to Lorana Dame. Lorana is one of the twin daughters of Dr. Gurmanaffe and Lady Berdiah. Ergo, Knubi's dad in law is Dr. Gurmanaffe. Knubi and Lorana get married in a Nevada casino.

The September 14, 2017 Scroll is presented. The October 4, 2017 Scroll is presented. World War 3 is in effect. Three games of Space Chess are being played. 2 of those games lead to Hell. Only 1 leads to Heaven. Queen Nubiposh teaches her subjects in the way of the Holy Bible. We are now in the Queen Nubiposh Era of Career.

Success is encountered.


Anammelech is a demon. He eats the rotten flesh of Humans. Human flesh fuels him. The dead bodies give him cellular energy. The Aliens send many Humans to Transhuman Camps.

Mental Overpower

Queen Nubiposh learns how to mentally overpower dozens of humans. The World War 3 clashes take place at an alarming rate. Space Chess is being played out.


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