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Dragon Fire Ball, A Mysterious Phenomenon Of The Mekong River

Updated on December 29, 2009

I like post about mysterious phenomenon. Why I like this topic. Actually the world is wide. There are many mysterious phenomenon happen in the place around the world. When I have a lot money. I'll travel by visiting those place. This is my dream for a long time ago. We can learn from those phenomenon. Phenomenon that can be studied by science or really weird (it can't reach by our mind).

There is a natural phenomenon in Thailand. Every year the people gather along of Mekong river( Nong Khai province) as witness of the rising balls light from the surface of the Mekong river. The local people call it man fai paya nak or dragon fire ball.

On October 4, 2009, the residents and tourists stood lined up on the edge of the Mekong river in Nong Khai province.

Suddenly, from the surface of the river, dozens of light pink balls with a beautiful shot like an orchestra led by a conductor. The tourists and residents cheered with joy and applauded loudly. A few minutes later, the fire balls are lost in the darkness of night.

This phenomenon usually occurs only 1-3 days a year, at the end of the Thai Buddhist retreat that usually held in October. Ball of fire that comes with no sound and smoke. Sometimes the color is red, pink or white. It can shot up to 100 meters from the river surface. Generally this fireball can be seen only at night.

This is a legend of the local residents. They believe that fireballs are coming from a dragon which life in the river. They saw this phenomenon for a long time ago.

Scientist Said that....

These fireballs just a natural phenomenon that can be explained by science. The fireball appears from the combustion of natural gas. even a doctor has been researching for a long time, he tried to prove that this is a natural phenomenon caused by sediment Methane gas rising from the riverbed.

Thailand Ministry of Science has different opinion. they agree that this phenomenon is caused by natural gas. According to them, this phenomenon the result of the combustion of Phosphine gases

Why this phenomenon happen in October? because the accumulation of gas in the bottom of the river to reach the peak in October. The gas that has been collected will burst onto the balls forming the mysterious light.

local residents and tourists said that......

This festival is still regarded as a pleasurable experience. Because this phenomenon is really weird, they believe that Nong Khai can be accepted as one of the wonders of the world. This was proved by the arrival of 300,000 people, both local and foreign tourists. They flocked to Nong Khai as a witness of this phenomenon.

So, if you decided to travel in Thailand someday. Don't forget to see this phenomenon. there are good location to see the fireballs. Such as Pha Tand village, Hin Mak Peng, temple in Si Chiangmai district. Don't worry about transportation the local resident provide bike rentals for use along the river. Have you ever heard about this phenomenon ? please share with us here.


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