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Dubai Shopping Festival

Updated on June 19, 2013

Dubai Shopping Festival, informally known as DSF, is a dream shopping destination for every pro-shopper. For many shopping lovers it is the most awaited event in the yearly calendar. Dubai is the most welcoming city of United Arab Emirates.

This city and its festivals welcome people all round the world. There no big fashion event that is not held at this mega event in Dubai and there is no big brand that does not have their show room in the Dubai city. Dubai city is center of attraction for many investors as well as for those who love to buy branded stuff.

What Is Dubai Shopping Festival?

Dubai shopping festival is an event held once in a year in the city of Dubai. In this event all big names and all big brands participate to promote their brands. 

Global Willage at DSF.
Global Willage at DSF.

The event is held in the most happening city of UAE; the city of Dubai. Many shopping lovers love to buy from DSF as there they would find all big names at one place. They can with no trouble find what they are seeking.

It would not be wrong to call it home of all brands. Investors and buyers both prefer to be a part of this grand annual shopping festival to sell their top brands and to buy what they are looking for.

Shopping at Dubai Duty Free Shop.
Shopping at Dubai Duty Free Shop.

History Of Dubai Shopping Festival

The very first Dubai shopping festival was held in the year 1996 in the month of February. The aim of settling this and other similar events in Dubai is to boost the retail trade of the country.

These were the old days when UAE solely depended upon oil trade and economist of the country are now thinking out of the box and boosting industries in retail trade.

Boost in retail trades is eventually giving a boost to tourism and investment as well.

According to rough estimate this event in the span of a single month attracts more than 3 million people from all round the world to Dubai.

DSF From 1996 to 2010

In 2010, this event has completed its 15 years; 15 years of glorious success and permanent increasing number of visitors and every year multiplying profits.

It is one of those things in the world which is not in any way affected by economical jam and recession.

In every passing year it is attracting more and more visitors to Dubai to spend more and more in the city.

From the time it was started and till date the number of investors who are willing to invest in this event in is ever increasing.

The greater number of buyers along with greater number on investors is making it a wilder event than a shopping festival.

Burj Khalifa, a land mark for Dubai, for years to come.
Burj Khalifa, a land mark for Dubai, for years to come.

Main Attraction Of Dubai Shopping Festival

The event is the biggest event of the year in UAE, and by time it is on the way to take place of world’s biggest shopping extravaganza.

The thing that attracts most people to come to Dubai shopping festival is here you can easily find all global brands at one place. People who love to wear top brands love to shop from DSF. Here you can catch big names from the fashion industry and film industry shopping around and enjoying their selves with their fans and followers.

People shop from there to what is new and what is hot. There is also an opportunity that you can buy items signed by your favorite designer and brand owners, though you may need to pay a little higher for that.

Global Village Dubai, a wonderful place to shop, and have fun at the same time.
Global Village Dubai, a wonderful place to shop, and have fun at the same time.

Attractions Other Global Brands

If you’re not a brand lover then do not think that Dubai shopping festival has nothing to offer you. There are many more things to experience at this grant shopping festival other than just chasing brand names.

There are people from different countries that come to show their culture and cultural handicraft, dresses and other stuff of decoration we use in daily life. There are people from all around the globe, who put the heritage of their country at display. People come up to sale their cultural dresses.

You can buy one to change your dressing style for a while and to try something new. You can also have different decorative pieces, handmade pieces to décor your home on a new theme. Regardless of where you belong from, this shopping festival has many things for you. 

Dubai Festivals


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      MissFrost 5 years ago from 50% Island Girl, 25% East Coast Girl, 25% Country Girl

      Thanks for sharing the history of the Dubai Shopping Festival! I am currently visiting Dubai and it's nice to know what type of activities are available during this time...