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Earthquake In Haiti

Updated on January 16, 2010
Here's My Donation For Haiti Babe
Here's My Donation For Haiti Babe


The death toll in Haiti rises by the minute. As per the official reports, 50,000 bodies have already been collected. Paul Antoine Bien-Aime, the Interior Minister, in a media report said that the death toll might reach 200,000. Thousands of people have been buried in mass graves.

Haiti was already one of the poorest countries in the world. If possible, they have become even poorer.In the capitol city of Port-au-Prince the hospital as well as the United Nations building was destroyed.

 I have set up a donation page through Mercy Corps in an effort to help the victims of this tragedy. Notice no ads of any kind on this post. I want your  money to go Haiti not my pocket. Even if you can't donate, please pray for the people if Haiti.



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    • profile image

      jill wilson 6 years ago

      so sad never knew that a earthquake could do so much damage ever in my lifetime and this is jill wilson all up in your buissness

    • profile image

      Alex reid 6 years ago

      soo horible all of this happened to ppl who werre already poor once b4 an are even poorer now!:( they deserve better..