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Eating on the Road ; a Few Tips

Updated on October 26, 2018

Road Food

Road food is not to be confused with road kill, while there are advocates for road kill cuisine, I am not one, and this hub is about getting to know where you are while you travel, not a how to cook a car killed squirrel.

Over the years my wife and I have logged quite a few miles on the road; most of the trips where a combined business and pleasure experience.

We have developed a few techniques to decrease the cost as well as ways to get to know the region you are visiting.

On the reducing the cost side, if you do not already have one, buy a cooler, not one that you would use when going on a family picnic but one that is big enough for lunch for two. It provides enough room for cheese, a cold drink, 2 apples and some peanut butter or a favourite lunch meat.

Pack some rolls or bread so you can make sandwiches, along with plastic plates, knives, spoons and forks. All can be washed at your next hotel/motel stopped.

If you are a camper then you may already have a mess kit that would be ideal.

This way you can pull over at a scenic lookout; you can enjoy a snack while admiring the view.

We always take nuts, seeds and raisins as well, an unmixed trail mix if you will. Or you could bring along a favoured trail mix.

Power bars are also very handy. I especially value them late at nigh when I wake up hungry. No muss, no fuss and usually half of one is enough; I can enjoy the other half with coffee when I wake up.

A thermos is another good idea if you want to carry a hot beverage with you or pack you own water, rather than buying bottled water.

We also scout out local restaurants in town or on the highway, being sure to avoid the obvious chains were we will get what we can get at home. The road is where you look for the new, the unusual and a local restaurant may have a specialty that will give you a sense of where you are.

Here in New Brunswick, besides the seafood, the poutine is a must for anyone looking for soemthign a little different and not concerned about cholesterol and calories.

Poutine is a dish consisting of French fries that are topped with fresh cheese curds and are d covered with hot gravy (usually brown gravy) and sometimes other additional ingredients.

One of my favourite road foods is pie, a slice of pie that is homemade from whatever berry or other fruit that is in season, with a cup of black coffee is an excellent road trip pick me up.

We have also bough bread from restaurants we have stopped in on the journey, some will not sell you a loaf but other will. So if you enjoyed the bread served with your meal and want to take a loaf with you, just ask. All they can say is no but they will feel appreciated.

When you stop at a local restaurant, you can hear the local talk and get some idea of what people are interested in, you may also strike up a conversation with another patron or the waitress or the owner.

We have done all three.


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