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Egypt in Western Eyes

Updated on April 18, 2010

Is Egypt only the Nile?!

Sunset shades over the Nile of Egypt
Sunset shades over the Nile of Egypt

Is Egypt only a desert and Camels?!

I visited USA couple of times through the previous 15 years. Every time I talk to the people there, I become more confident that they know a very little knowledge about Egypt.

They recognize it as Desert, Camels, Pyramids, and Sphinx!.

Not only that, they think that Israel was attacked by Egypt at June of the year 1967!.

They also, don’t know the truth of the October 1973 war!.

Actually, Egypt is the core country of the Arabs at the Middle East. It represents the vivid heart for the Arabs world.

Egypt has a very close relation with the European Countries since Egypt was under the British occupation up to 1953.

Egypt has a city named Luxor which contains a 1/3 (one third) of the world ancient monuments.

Everybody is invited to comment and participate with his opinion about how does Egypt looks like in the Western Community Eyes?

To be continued….



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    • profile image

      Amgad 7 years ago

      May be the southern people of America don't know a lot about Egypt. But, lot of Americans knows better knowledge.

      Good luck with your friends!!

    • profile image

      ZIZO 7 years ago

      I faced the same response on an online chatting with a western man. I tried to correct the idea but, we need to work harder on that issue

    • profile image

      hanitdm 7 years ago


      How can we solve this lake of understanding and communication?

    • profile image

      Tariq 7 years ago

      Egypt has much more than what is said.

      This sounds as a lake of communication. On one hand most of the people knows the Western as the Cow boys or a very disconnected community because they only see the movies!.

      On the other hand, the Western people don't spend any time to learn properly others.