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Empty Legs: The Private Jet Charter Hack

Updated on February 4, 2016

Private Jet Charter Introduction

For most people the idea of Private Jet Charter seems to a traveling endeavor only reserved for the rich and famous. However, you’d be surprised at how many people actually charter private jets quite frequently.

There are many benefits to private aviation, which has resulted in a consistent growth within the industry over the past few years. One of the most trafficked events each year concerning private jet charters is the Super Bowl. However, while the Super Bowl is a hot ticket event, Private Jets get used for business all the time.

Top Benefits of Chartering a Private Jet

While most people are stuck on the price tag associated with private jets, there are many benefits for businesses and influential people that commercial travel simply cannot provide.

Accessibility – One of the biggest benefits for people when using private jets comes down to accessibility of airports. There are thousands of private airbases scattered all over the United States meaning that there are more options for you to explore. In most cases there are car services one can obtain to drive you to the airbase.

More Privacy – One of the main reasons why business people prefer private jets is due to the privacy it provides. You can still continue to conduct your business meeting in flight as most Private Jets also come equipped with internet. Your clients won’t be able to know whether you’re in the air or at the office. This also provides the space to talk about sensitive business matters without the risk of your information leaking to prying ears.

No TSA hassles – Since 9/11 security on airports is hell. When chartering a private jet, you don’t have to take your shoes off or walk through scanners. Security on these private airbases are quite relaxed and while the Captain of the aircraft does reserve the right to search passenger baggage, this hardly ever occurs. Without security check points, you can get to your destination much quicker.

Private Jets are Faster – Private Jets travel at faster speeds than commercial airplanes. In addition, they also fly higher, meaning that there is less air traffic to worry about. This means that your travel time is greatly reduced. Within the business world, time is synonymous to money and shaving off a few hours of flight time can be a benefit on its own.

No Lost Baggage – Another perk of flying on a Private Jet is that you get to take your luggage with you. No longer will you have to wait at baggage claim endlessly hoping that your luggage wasn’t lost somewhere along the way. For people traveling with sensitive documentation or instruments of any kind, traveling by private jet is simply an extra measure of security.

Flexibility – With commercial travel, you are subjected to the schedule of major airlines. When it comes to private aviation, you have total control over the time and departure date of your flight. They bend to your schedule and not the other way around. If you happened to arrive late for your flight, you’ll also be surprised to find that your aircraft will be waiting for you.

Private Jet Charter Poll

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Luxury Private Jet Charter

How to Hack Private Jet Charter - Empty Legs

If you think that chartering a private jet is a costly endeavor, you wouldn’t be mistaken. For the most part chartering a private jet can be quite costly; however, there is a way to get them much cheaper. “Empty Legs” are private jets that were chartered one way and still needs to make a return flight to its home base. This return flight is called an “empty leg”.

With the jet still needing to refuel and pay for the flight crew, it generates costs. In these cases, Jet Owners of Companies “rent out” their jet for a much more affordable price tag. The problem however is that these empty legs aren’t easily tracked down.

There are many companies that offer empty legs as a service and charged you a monthly or annual fee, others charge per flight they have secured for you. However, this doesn’t give you full access to the feed where they are tracking the flights.

If you could get your hands on that feed, you’d be able to browse private jets a-la-carte and decide the best option for yourself. Fortunately, you can!

The world is quickly becoming more accessible on virtually every front. The same is true for the private aviation industry especially with some amazing new apps you can download today for free.


Instant Global Feed of Empty Legs with Macro Jets

One company has been making some noise within the Private Aviation industry. Macro Jets is a New York based company that specializes in Empty Legs and unlike competitors, provide you with a free access to the Instant Global Feed of Empty legs either through their website or through their mobile app.

The company has been featured in the DuPont Registry, which essentially is your ‘go to’ magazine for the luxury lifestyle.

With the Macro Jets App you get to browse aircrafts, view the interior, the size of the plane, how many people will fly with you and much more. After you have entered your data, it gets sent right to the flight crew and in a matter of minutes, you get your quote for the private jet.

It’s almost like the Uber of private jet charter. Macro Jets claims to be the Global On Demand Private Jet chartering company that gives their clients flexibility and affordable luxury travel. They also have a 24/7 concierge service which can essentially take care of your entire journey, from transportation to lodging.

Your journey should just be as important your end destination. When chartering a private jet you ensure that your journey is going to be an unforgettable experience that will leave you fresh and relaxed to take on whatever it is you need to do.

Private Jet Charter Overview

Flying like it was meant to be done

Many people will still be wary of chartering a private jet, however if you come to think about it, you’re only spending a few hundred dollars more than you would on first class tickets, except you get to have an aircraft all to yourself.

Affordable Private aviation no longer has to be a pipe dream. With mobile technology such as the app from Macro Jets, you can now track down your very own private aircraft right from your phone. It truly has created an on-demand solution for anyone who prefers to travel in style.

For companies who want to save money and time, Private Jets are the optimal choice for high-level individuals within the organization. In addition, when a client picks you up on a private airstrip, you establish a first impression that no other means of travel can achieve.

I hope that this article provided you with general insights on the benefits of chartering a private jet, and how to get your hands on Empty Legs. With this information you'd be able to track down your next flight in a matter of minutes and fly the way it was meant to be done.

So what are you waiting for? Why don’t you check out the Instant Global Feed of Empty legs right now!

You haven't traveled until you chartered a Private Jet!


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