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Ever Thought You'd Miss Home?

Updated on July 12, 2017

Moving From Home

When I first got sent out to the east coast for my new job, I was feeling all kinds of things. Excitement, nerves, and anxiety. I had never even really seen the east coast, let alone dropped everyone and everything to go work out of there. Plus, those of you who know me, know that I am a MAJOR homebody. So much of a homebody, that I even took my time going to college and moving (20) minutes away from home! Ugh. But I was so stuck, doing the same easy routine everyday that I needed to get away from it all. So what better way than to travel the world while getting paid to do it, right?

At the time, when I was awarded Washington Dulles (IAD) as my base, I was really excited to be away from all I knew and take a leap into the unknown. And the good thing, was that I had Brooke (my roomie) alongside with me, too. So, I said "see ya later" to all my family and friends, backed up two suitcases and jumped on a plane that was basically moving me across the country.

Those AZ sunrises that I miss so much..
Those AZ sunrises that I miss so much..

Working Across The Country Alone

I have gotten to go to SO many different places on this side of the world that I would have never guessed. With this job of being a flight attendant, I have seen so much of the world. Now I know just how much of it I still have to see.

So far, I have stayed over night in the cities of El Paso, Ground Island, Buffalo, Minneapolis, Nashville, Charlotte, Portland, Pittsburg, Kansas City, Detroit, Columbia, Syracuse, Providence, Philadelphia, Toronto, Ottawa, Columbus, Indianapolis, and Cleveland.. And I'm not even sure if thats all of them. It has been such a great experience seeing this side of the country. Even though it is weird to not have palm trees out here and only big puffy green trees everywhere. And don't even get me started on the weather out here. All I can say is that, it rains TOO much for this Arizona girl on this side of the country.

With all of that being said, its been such an incredible journey so far that I continue to look forwards to everyday of my future; but it is so incredibly hard to be away from everyone. It is a lot harder than I thought it would be. When I took the job, I thought "I get free flight benefits, I can just fly home when I want" and "I can just FaceTime everyone". Not knowing just how hard it is to get back and forth to Arizona in such a short amount of time. For some reason, everyone and their grandmothers seem to always being going back and forth from IAD to PHX, ugh *eye rolling*.

I didn't realize how badly I was homesick until about a month ago. Instead of always having good days at work, some days got hard, I was tired, I was broke, people were rude, and I was so so exhausted. And normally, when I came home from a bad day at work, I'd get lots of love and kisses from my pups. When I really noticed that not only did I not have my cousin, my mom, my brother, my dad, or my friends.. I didn't have my very best pups either. :(

I had Brooke here with me, but I still felt so alone. Even a phone call to mom wouldn't make it better. So I started to go back home to Phx every chance I got. Even if it was for less than 24 hours. It was so exhausting, but so worth it. Because when I got back home to Virginia, I felt like myself again. I still missed home, but didn't feel as distant from it because I knew I'd get home soon.

When I noticed that I wasn't feeling as bubbly or as "normal" as I usually do, I picked up an old book from a class that I took in college. It is "The How of Happiness". Basically, it is about how happiness is something that you choose to create everyday. I felt myself getting lost from what I had learned, and started hoping that by doing all "the right things", that I would stay happy and even be happier.

The book is so good because it gives you these tests and ways to intentionally work on boosting your happiness level. I forgot all about them, so I'm glad I came across it on my of my visits back home to Phx. When I was in school, I took all of the tests in the book and it had all my scores in it, so I retook the tests in the book. Surprisingly, my happiness level didn't decrease as much as I thought it would, since I was being so negative about it.

I am still at the beginning of trying to implement these happiness activities in my daily life again, but I can already feel myself feeling better just by reading it. If you are interested in reading a little bit about your happiness and the different ways that you can boost your level, you should really consider reading the book and actually implementing the activities in your life.

Since I have spent almost 6 months out in Virginia, I think it's just about that time that I try to get closer to home. I recently put in my transfer to request to be moved back out to Phx and have that as the base I work out of. I just feel like it will really do me some good to stay at home, save a little money, and spend time with my brother (since he decided he wants to join the Navy).

I got some time on the other side of the country and it has been so great. Plus I got to escape most of the hot AZ summer! But now, I'm ready to be back in the heat with my family, friends, and dogs. So lets all wish me good luck, that I can get awarded out to Phx soon!

My snuggle babies!
My snuggle babies!
Mom and Me.
Mom and Me.
My cute brother, Justin.
My cute brother, Justin.
My sweet dad.
My sweet dad.
The best friends a girl could ask from minus Simone.
The best friends a girl could ask from minus Simone.


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