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Everything You Need to go to the Beach

Updated on March 20, 2010

The Weather is Warming Up!

I am starting a new series about well you guessed the BEACH! It doesn't matter if you live 5 minutes from the beach or 500 miles my beach series will help you. First of all, I am going to start off with the basics, the essentials, and a little bit more than just having a bathing suit! Hope you enjoy!

Beach Wear! Obviously, you need a bathing suit or trunks to go to the beach in. One piece, two piece, or for men shorts works! Do not be the tourist who goes swimming in the t shirt and jeans please!

Sunblock!Yes, everyone already knows sunscreen is important! Basically, any sunscreen over SPF 30 works the same, but you definitely want Sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. You do not want to go home looking like a bright red tomato! Without sunscreen your skin will get an uncomfortable burning sensation, and we do not want that at the beach do we! Any Banana Boat or Coppertone products work!

Suntan Oil! If you want to get your tan on,tanning oil is recommended for a batter tan. But make sure not to lay out to long because of course the sun does produce harmful UV rays that may cause skin cancer. If you do not have tanning oil, any cooking oil works : olive oil, vegetable oil, peanut oil, or even Crisco! If you want an even darker tan mic carrot juice in olive oil!

Water!I do not mean beach water, I mean drink water! Lots and lots of water! Imagine the heat of the beach, the sun soaks all the moisture out of your skin. Our bodies are made of 60% of water, and especially when we are at the beach we need to replenish it. Drink lots of water before you go to the beach and while you are there.

Stay Active! Don't just sit on your towel all day. Explore! Go in the water, but remember do not swim out to far! Play some beach volleyball. Get acquainted with the local surfers. Have fun, the beach is probably the most relaxed places you will ever visit.

Don't Forget! Your towel, sunglasses, chap stick, iPod or any music player, sunscreen, sun tan lotion, water bottles, snacks, money, camera, flip flops, zip lock bags ( to put things like your cellphone, camera, wallet in so they don't get wet), aloe vera gel ( in case you get burned), hat, volleyball, change of clothes, sun protectant clothing, sweater ( the beach gets chilly after the sun sets). Anything else you may need! Put everything into a beach bag!

Bonfire Pits! Before going to the beach, know how long you are planning to stay there, is it going to be a day trip, or just for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Most beaches have bonfire pits that you can roast marshmallows or hot dogs on! If you are planning on have a bonfire make sure to bring wood and lighters to start the fire. Also, bring blankets to sit on and cover yourselves when it gets chilly. Also, I would recommend bringing along a guitar and jammin out by the fire.

If you guys have any questions or any other helpful tips please comment below! I would love to know! Thanks

all the sun products!
all the sun products!


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    • profile image

      Haime. 5 years ago

      Thank u for the info.

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      awesome ideas

    • profile image

      Loli 7 years ago

      This was of great help thank you very much. :)

    • profile image

      Alyssa 7 years ago

      I love what you have!! I had never thought of bonfire pits before!! Thanks a lot!!