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Exclusive Private Car Rental

Updated on September 28, 2015

Private car rental means hiring a private car mainly during public holidays or weekends. This type of car rental took shape in the whole world which allows car owners to earn some money by lending their car to non-car owners. It is also giving competition to traditional car rental companies. Private car rental service will be at the top of the list in few years.

Exclusive Private Car Rental
Exclusive Private Car Rental | Source

Private car rental is also known as sharing car service. It allows car owners to lend their parked car to others. It is a cheaper alternative to car rental companies. A regular car can be hired for 42 USD per day including all risks, expenses and insurance. There is a limit on the time for renting a private car. Private car must be rented after 7p.m. on Friday and returned at 7a.m. Monday. It is same as for public holidays. There are several private car rental companies who work as an intermediate.

Procedure of Private Car Rental

The can that should be rented must be registered under the name of an individual owner. It is not allowed to rent company’s car. The private car must be insured, especially, for the period of rental. It is the duty of hirer to check the insurance policy of the car he is renting. It should cover adequately all requirements. In the insurance policy, the age of driver and other criteria is clearly mentioned. So, the hirer should meet it, if he or she wants to drive. Class 3 driving license is a must in Singapore for hiring process.

Advantages of Private Car Rental

  1. Private car rental is cheaper than traditional car rental companies.
  2. Non-car owners can lend car during public holidays and weekends by this service.
  3. It helps in the reduction of congestion on roads.
  4. It is an affordable and safe option against other car rental services.
  5. Generally, it includes insurance, maintenance and other expenses.

Disadvantages of Private Car Rental

  1. The car does not belong to you.
  2. Most of the time, private car owners take third party insurance policy that has minimum coverage only.
  3. Many times, insurance policy mention that the usage of car is limited to “social, domestic and pleasure purposes”. It means if it is rented then it is not covered under insurance.

Things to be noted:

Following things should be taken into consideration while hiring a private car:

  1. Do price analysis before renting a private car. You can bargain with the private car owner for the rental rates.
  2. Ask for the insurance of the private car. If it is not there, then do purchase an insurance policy first.
  3. Comprehensive motor insurance is better than third party, as it provides full coverage for the damages to you and your vehicle.
  4. You can check the newspaper for the advertisement of private car rental.

Check the condition of the vehicle before confirming the deal. If there is any damage then mention it to its owner.

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