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FDR at Pier Resturant and Tiki Bar

Updated on August 10, 2015

FDR Drive is a popular band in Westchester. They play a lot of pop music, some rock and some music from the 70's. They play at local bars. This past Saturday they were at Pier Resturant Tiki Bar in Rye, NY.

FDR Drive came on at 7:30pm and they played until 12:00am. They had three sets. They played songs such as; "Moves Like Jagger," and "Sugar," by Maroon 5, "Raise Your Glass, "by Pink, "Love Never Felt So Good," by Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake, "Livin' on a Prayer," by Jon Bon Jovi, "All The Single Ladies," by Beyonce, "Shake it Off," and "Style," by Taylor Swift and many more.

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As the night went on more and more people came. The dance floor was packed. The bar was also packed as well. For all of the single people it was a great place to meet someone. Pier Restruant and Tiki Bar brings a mixed crowd. The older people 50 and up come earlier and stay on and the younger crowd in between their 20's-30's usually come in somewhere between 10pm and 11pm.

Some people came earlier to eat. Other people came later to hear the music and drink. The menu ranges from $8-40. The kitchen is usually opened late so you never have to worry about coffee or food not being avaliable like most bars you go to. The food and drinks may be expensive but it is defenitly worth it. The portions are pretty big so you get what you pay for and it taste great. There are plenty of places to sit there also. You could sit inside the resturant if you want, or you could sit outside on the lower or upper deck. There are also seats outside by the side of the resturant. The bar is pretty big if you want to sit at the bar and have a drink or grab food there.

Many people enjoy going to the tiki bar because it overlooks the water and it is a fun place to go to in the summer. It is relaxing and a fun place to be on a nice summer night. People who enjoy going to the tiki bar pick the tiki bar over other bars in the summer.

During the night it was someone's birthday so the band took the time to announce and wish that person a Happy Birthday. Everyone else sang "Happy Birthday," along with the band. That was more towards the end of the night. After that everyone went back to dancing and the band went back to performing all of their hits.

FDR has been around for a long time. They played at the Tiki bar a couple of times this summer and many times in the past. The most places in Westchester that they play at are; Chat 19 in Larchmont, NY, Mickey Spillanes in Eastchester,NY, Molly Spillanes in Mamaroneck,NY, Tucked Away in Tuckahoe, NY,and Rudy's in Hartsdale. They also play other places as well. This past Thursday night they were at Saxon Grill in Scarsdale, NY. This upcomming Friday they will be at Chat 19 in Larchmont.

If you missed them this past Saturday come to Chat 19 and see them for yourself. If you can't make it this Friday then check your local bars when and where they were be playing again. You have nthing to lose. You never know they just may be your new favorite band. You could also meet the love of your life while out listening to their music.

If you are single you could come out and grab your friends to go see them. You could have a girls night out filled up with dancing and drinks. If you are in a relationship you and your sweetie could have dinner and dancing. A fun date night just the two of you and something different than the same old dinner and a movie.

If you love pop music then this is the band for you. They play everything and anything. All of their music will put you in a good mood. So come see for yourself. If you decide your not that thrilled than at least you tried it. Once again you have nothing to lose.


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