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Funny Talks and Slangs of Borneon Tribes, IN SARAWAK.

Updated on July 30, 2011

The Proud of Malaysian

A very Hairy Place...

Borneo is an Island in South East Asia region. In the Island, there is a lots of tribes living together with different type of langauges. They comunicate with each other through either English or widely spoken Malays. Here comes the hilarious moments of humor, fun, funny and jokes when they comunicate with each other.

One new example that make you giggle is that in Kuching City now have one new big superstore with the French words to decribe it, that is " BOULEVARD ". Most old folks from the interior region of Sarawak, nowadays can travel to big citys as Kuching, because the road avaiblabity is good. So, this French words " Boulevard ", are difficult for the old folks to prounce. So, here came the pronouncations in their tounge, as " Bulu Lebat", that is when you translate it to English means " a very HAIRY place"....

First words to share is " BOULEVARD " pronounces as " BULU LEBAT ".....

The Hilarious Character

The Hilarious Character
The Hilarious Character

Beautiful Beach in Sematan and Lundu

Sematan and Lundu is two small districts in the state of Sarawak, Malaysia, which is in Borneo Island. The population comprises of the Bidayuh sub tribe of Salako and Jagoi, Iban, Malays and Chinese. Most widely spoken of communication among the people here is Malays and English.

Here, the environment is still green and fresh, although with the coming years, it's environment will face changes as we say development creep in. Most villages here still dependent on gravity feed piping water. The people around still lives leisurely, and when the night comes , we still can have all the privacy we need to ourselves..

Not a single 5 stars hotel for accommodation here,but we can find a comfortable and decent place to stay, such simple resort, motel and home stay programs initiated by Sarawak Tourism Board. A nice experience's to enjoy with.

The distance from Kuching city to Lundu is around 70KM and add another 20KM to Sematan. A bus and taxi is available to travel with, but in Lundu and Sematan, not much choice of transport, except the charted vans. The easiest mean is by renting a car in Kuching and driving yourself. Gas stations, not a problem.

Foods here, western, don't think about it except for simple international burger. Local foods is aplenty, and the wonder of it is that it's fresh. You can enjoy the Chinese foods, and most foods stall are Malays. The local bidayuh sub tribe doesn't have much to offer except for local foods product that you need to cooked yourself. Place to cook, not a problem cause almost every resort that is around have simple cooking utensil that you need, and there a lot of foods stall that is willing enough to cooked it for you, with minimal charges.

Places to enjoy, a lot such as Siar Beach, Pandan Beach, Pueh Beach and the Gading National Parks. Fews more, if willing to travel by boats at sea, such as the Samunsam Wildlife, andTalang-Talang Island. Fishing is one of the best place to do here because the sea around is protected by the marine department, so fishing commercially is not allowed

Safety tip especially for your valuable, keeps it with watchful eyes, because anywhere and everywhere you can't avoid that naughty hands. Beside that, nothing much to worry, because the people here lives harmoniously and they have great respect for tourist especially foreigner.

Currency use here is Malaysian Ringgit. There's a bank here for convenience, in Lundu town. Other currency, sorry, people here is not use too.

Come over, and I think it is the best place for spending your holidays because it's cheap, especially when we rate by the currency exchange nowadays. Goods tips for travelling if you enjoy a serene and quiet places to stay. Modern gadgets, telephone, and internet service's is available. Health services is also up to the class that we need, there is a modern hospital here, and a private clinic.

As usual, there is mosquitoes in the tropic climate country. Prepare for that and the unpredictable tropical weathers, umbrella is the answer to that. Keep one. Beside that, be prepare for the slang of English that the people use to comuncate with, such as " go astern " will be said as " gostan ".

Next time, I'll try to post photo of the interesting places in SEMATAN and LUNDU.

A Guide To Travel In Sarawak

How To Reach Sarawak:

Sarawak is the biggest states in Malaysia, and it is situated in the Island of Borneo. To reach Sarawak, there are two main airlines flying regularly to Sarawak, the world famous low fare Air Asia and Malaysia Airlines System, famously known as MAS. From KLIA, Sepang, the main Malaysian Airport hub, one can fly to Sarawak and stop at Kuching International Airport, Sibu Airport, or at the northern region, Miri Airport. All these airtport is international class airport. From these airports, one can fly to smaller airport using another airlines, MAS Wings, using smaller aircraft that fly with daily shedule to the interior parts of Sarawak.

Feel The Aura Of The Borneon Jungle

Aura of The Borneon Jungle

Jungle coincides with forest and nature, is a remarkable place to seek peace and tranquility. Fresh air, wonderful naturally created colors and a harmonise sound of nature music will give us a pure therapy for stress related health problem.

Borneo, especially Sarawak is a place that can offer this wonderful picture to brighten our life that is full of unfulfilled dreams. Borneo is a tropical climatic Island with full of this wonderful and majestic creation of Gods.Why I said Sarawak? The answer is simple to explain, nowadays, traveler's need the easiest way and means to reach their destinations, cheap and not many hunky-pangky procedures to follow.

As everybody want to know, how to reach their destination? In Sarawak, transportation is not much a problem. Where you want go or visit, just seek some simple advice or pick your computer, search and clicks, surely there is an answer to it. It depends sorely on what type of holidays or adventure you want. By air, by sea, by waterways or rivers, by good road, or more on a four wheel adventure, every means is available.

Life style and culture color is also there to add to your wonderful dreams. In Sarawak , there are ethnic and tribe with different culture to experience with, to name a few that is Malays, Melanaus, Kedayans, Ibans, Bidayuhs, Orang Ulus that comprises Kayans, Kenyahs, Sabans, Kelabits, Muruts, Lun Bawangs, Bisayas, and the semi nomadics Penans.

Here, one have a lot to experience with, especially about slangs when you try to comunicate with them, that is in English. Not to worry much, because old folks is also capable to speak in English, and sometimes they are much better then the younger generation, because the reason is simple, Sarawak is a former British colony, which gain independence within Malaysia in 16 September, 1963, and during that colonise period, they attained English Medium school.

The best month to be in Borneo, especially in Sarawak is between the month of March and October. To taste the ethnic Dayaks culture, that is the Land Dayaks and the Sea Dayaks is in 1 June every year, the Gawai Dayaks celebration, as a thanks giving after harvesting paddy seasons. But nowadays, the moments of admiring the beauty of your holidays might be spoil by the worst modern problem, haze, cause by the greedy human to have more. But, in Malaysia, the rules is very clear, " NO OPEN BURNING ". The haze mostly cause by the neighbouring country. No harms, its the truth.

A Journey in Sarawak

The Beauty of Nature
The Beauty of Nature

A Journey By Road in Sarawak

Start from Sematan, that is the southern tips of Sarawak to start your journey by road. From Sematan, drive to Lundu town, that is around 20 minutes drive. Both this town is famous for its wonderful and serene beaches. Then the trip will take us to Bau town which famous as the gold mining town during the White Rajah era. Bau also popular for its lime stone caves and the intra border shopping, that is Serikin, about 30 minutes from Bau town. From Bau, another 20 minutes, we reach Kuching, that is state capital of Sarawak. It's a booming city.

In Kuching, there is a lot to see and admired. Once it was a centre for the British Empire, rules by the White Rajah. Interesting places to visit is the world re-known Culture Village, Kuching Waterfront, State Museum, Benuk Longhouse and the Borneo Highland Resorts. There also lots of world class Hotels here, beside cheap Motels and lodging houses.

From Kuching, Serian, a small town ,a 60 minutes drive from Kuching, is another stop-over. This small town is popular for its inter-border stop over. Famous for its local products markets, and usually travellers will stop here to have a break before continuing their journey.

Next move is Sri Aman, a 2 hours journey from Serian. It is another town in the interior of Sarawak. Nowadays it is popular for it natural phenomenon, locally known as "Benak", or in English, the "Tidal Bore". From Sr Aman, the journey continues to Betong, which is about 40 minutes drive from Sri Aman. Its has nothing much to offer, excepts for the tranquility of the interior of live. Around this division, another administrative centre in Sarawak, there is a few places one can go, such as the the popular Batang Ai Resort. More adventurous to go out, use long boats to visit to the interior, which has been shown in the Discovery Channel sometimes before, under the exotic foods and life style channel. In this area, one really can sample the life of the Iban long houses.

Take another 2 hours journey from Betong, then it is Sarikei. This town has a lot to offer and cheap Hotels are easy to finds. Just an easy going place, one can move around visiting the interior to feel the rural life's. Most native here is the Ibans, Malays and the Melanau's.

Sibu, about 1 hour journey from Sarikei, is a city in the making, and the main bustling economies activities in the central region in Sarawak. From Sibu, beside using the normal land and air transportation's, transportation by rivers is common here. It is here where the mighty and longest river in Malaysia are, the Rajang river. Sibu is situated in the river basin. Through Sibu, we can visit Kapit, and by 2013, the Bakun Hydroelectric Dam will be the largest hydroelectric dam in Malaysia, come alive, is in the interior of central region of Sarawak.

Need a bit of excitement, take about 3 hours journey from Sibu to Mukah, a new administrative division in Sarawak It is an upcoming town, turning into a city. Famous for it deep seaport, that is Tanjong Manis, and one of its famous traditional celebrations for the Melanau ethnic groups, that the biggest majority ethnic in Mukah, that is "Pesta Kaul". It is also the major producer of Sago in the world.

Then, travel to Bintulu, that is about 5 hours journey from Mukah, or 4 hours from Sibu, is another administrative division. Here, it is famous for its gas and oil industry. Its here where the Similajau Protected Wildlife Centre is situated. It also has a beautiful beaches to admire.

Then, Miri, another administrative division, its a city now. Its took about 3 hours journey from Bintulu. Here, it is where the world famous Batu Niah Cave and the Mulu Caves is situated. Miri has a lot to offer, especially its interior region. It is also a border city with the Sultanate of Brunei. Events Miri famous are the Jazz Festival and the Triathlon of Similajau. Want to have a bit more, come to the interior of Miri, the like of Bario, which is in the highland, can only be reached by air, or on foot, wow, it will take around 3 weeks journey.

The last administrative centre of Sarawak to visit is Limbang. By roads through Brunei, or by air, or more adventurous, by the four wheel drive. Limbang is a lucky town, bordered by Brunei, and the Sabah, another state of Malaysia, which is situated in Borneo. Here. to feel the trill of four wheel drive, come and visit BaKelalan, famous for it apple, the only places that plant it in Malaysia.

The conclusion is, it is a worth holiday to spend in Sarawak. You will have all the trill, and adventure to put on your travel dairy, beside have the opportunity to keep your worth journey in your camera.

Sarawak Sate Capital, Kuching

The Kenyalang or Hornbil of Borneo

The Orang Utan

Pitcher Plant

Borneo Beaches


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    • JosephArc profile image


      8 years ago

      Hi Chris, thanks for sharing this about Sarawak and Kuching! I love your images - so gorgeous!

      My girlfriend is manager in one of the hotels in Kuching so I'm trying to make it my "project" to read and learn more about this wonderful part of Malaysia (she complains that I'm too busy to try to learn the languages).

      I've been living here for about 5 months now - working online, and do the occasional hub myself, which is how I came across your own. I'm from UK, and although everyone says quality of life in UK is so good, I love it here in Kuching.

      Its fantastic to see the folks who come to the hotel - mostly from the west actually, and to chat about the different cultures and share our experiences of this part of Asia.

      Anyhow, I'll be sure to come back and read further what you have written here. I like your style very much!

      Take care and regards



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