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Facts About Cayo Largo, Cuba

Updated on December 11, 2012

A Tropical Paradise For Those Who Want To Get Away From It All

If you’re not big on culture and interaction with the local population and are seeking a tropical vacation full of relaxation, the tiny island of Cayo Largo just might be for you.

Cayo Largo is a Cuban island located off the southwest coast of mainland Cuba. Cayo Largo is situated just east of the larger Isla de la Juventud or Isle of Youth. The island measures just 25 kilometers in length and is, at most, three kilometers wide.

There are five all-inclusive resorts on the island, varying from 2.5 to 4 stars. The resorts are clumped together at the southwest end of the island. The resorts are no more than a ten minute drive from the International airport. On the opposite side of the airport, there is a small village with the main marina and a few other attractions including a sea turtle hatchery.

The resorts, including Sol Pelicano, are modest but provide everything the top resorts on the mainland offer. Unlike other resort areas in Cuba, it is not recommended to drink the water from the tap. From personal experience, you will not get sick but the water has a definite salt taste. All the resorts welcome naturists or nudists. Typically, the beach in front of each resort has a designated area for nudists but don’t be surprised to see naked bodies anywhere on the beach.

The island has no permanent residents. Resort employees are flown in from cities and towns in mainland Cuba and stay for twenty days at a time before being flown home for a ten day break. This is somewhat unfortunate because the people of Cuba are simply outstanding and a pleasure to be around.

With the civilization packed into one end of the island, the rest of Cayo Largo is left untouched for those adventurous visitors who really want to get away from it all and find complete seclusion. Wildlife is limited to large Iguanas, lizards and a few snakes so walking along the beaches or inland through the scrub is quite safe.

Through the marina, there are excellent day-trip excursions available at a fair price. IguanaIsland is a short boat trip away and features a small uninhabited island that is literally crawling with large Iguanas.

Snorkeling on the coral reef that surrounds the Caribbean side of the island is spectacular. The reef is teeming with an amazing variety of tropical fish. Reef and Nurse Sharks can be found but are rare. It is quite possible to see Great Barracudas with your best chance right at the marina.

Cayo Largo caters to tourists from Canada, Italy and Argentina. Flights from Canada are provided by Air Canada and Canjet. When visiting in the winter, don’t be discouraged by the weather forecast. The forecast given is typically from Havana which is 177 kilometers north. The weather on Cayo Largo is consistently around 27 degrees celcius and sunny.


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