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Facts About Passenger Van Rental

Updated on September 28, 2015

Singapore is well known among tourists, and tourists require transportation for exploring the country. Here the need of passenger van rental arises. Whether it is restaurant, nightlife, amusement part, adventure or shops, they need transportation. Planning a trip with friends and family is full of fun, but hiring cabs can be expensive and waiting for bus or train will be time consuming. So, the best option is to hire a passenger van.

Facts about passenger van rental
Facts about passenger van rental | Source

Procedure of Passenger Van Rental

The foremost thing you need to consider while renting a van is to decide the purpose you need it. Whether you need a van for business trip or holiday trip, whether you need it one-way or pick and drop service, the number of passenger will be travelling with you and the space you need for luggage. If these things are cleared in your mind, then the process of renting it will be very simple ahead. You just need to find and compare an appropriate passenger van rental service providing company and discuss your requirements with them. They will provide you a perfectly suitable van for your schedule.

Advantages of Passenger Van Rental

  1. Enjoy the privacy with your dear ones in your private car. You won’t be able to enjoy fully with strangers while travelling in buses or trains.
  2. You can save a lot if you are travelling with family and friends.
  3. Keep your luggage with you because of the plenty space in it.
  4. You don’t need to drive your whole trip. Usually, experienced driver is there for it.
  5. Enjoy your trip not only at your destination, but also on the way.

Disadvantages of Passenger Van Rental

Passenger vans will cost you a little high but they are worth renting because you can enjoy your trip altogether with your family and friends.

Things to be noted:

  1. These days there are so many booking sites available online and they are affiliated to several reputed brands. It is a great thing because you can compare available deals, but make sure that the website has reliable customer support and registration details.
  2. Be aware about the overly cheap deals. There must be hidden costs those will be visible at the time of checkout. There are options to uncheck services like travel insurance, airport surcharges, GPS units etc.
  3. If you return the vehicle slightly dirty, then company may imply car/van wash charges. Check the documents carefully, it is mentioned in most of the conditions.
  4. It is not important that a site on the first page of Google will be the best deal. Take time and check for other deals before finalizing.

Types of Passenger Vans in Singapore

  • Multi passenger van

These types of vans can carry less than 6 passengers

  • 7 to 9 seaters van

These types of vans include 7, 8 9 seaters and hired by small families

  • 10 to 12 seaters van

These types of passenger vans are hired on daily bases by small to medium size families.

  • 14+ seaterd van

These vans are hired for corporate trips for longer time period.


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