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Colorful Fall Flowers

Updated on August 20, 2013

Mum colors are Intense

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Fall 2012

The rains have begun and El Nino, the low pressure system, is in the area. A hurricane from Mexico brought some rain in early October. As the result of several rainstorms, our lawns and common areas are green and doing well. Our lakes are still very low and the occasional rains have not been much help at refilling them. Hopefully we will receive more rains in the coming months that will produce higher lake levels.

Our local trees are still green, though some small oak tree leaves can be seen flittering in the breezes. Our next northern cold front, due the end of October or next weekend, may spark the change in tree color. I expect that we will see some beautiful leaves this year due to the drought, followed by rains.

Fall Mums

It always feels like Fall when the Mums appear on the local nursery shelves. Even the grocery stores carry a large supply of this popular plant. The bright colors draw me to purchase new plants every Fall.

The attached photos are taken in a garden plot at a retirement village in Cedar Park. Last year, a resident planted several mums in rich garden soil. They have tripled in size over the last few months and their color is breathtaking. Some of the plants are as big as bushes and the scattered plants have merged to create entire areas of color!

Easy To Care For

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Easy Maintenance

For years, I have babied the Fall mums and cultivated them for Spring blooming. By keeping them well watered and trimming the dead foliage and greenery, these potted plants have produced color for several seasons.

This year, I purchased new Mums and tossed the old ones.They had a difficult summer and looked anemic. With fresh pots, fresh potting soil and new plants, I will begin nurturing my purchases with high hopes of keeping them blooming for several seasons. I receive great satisfaction in the successes of these plants and others can enjoy the fruits of my labor!

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