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Family Cruise to the Bahamas

Updated on April 9, 2014

Boarding Process!

My favorite way to travel is by taking a cruise. It is a an all inclusive package! In this post I am going to guide you through making the most out of your vacation with you family to the Bahamas. Usually a cruise to the Bahamas leaves out of the state of Florida and is between 3 - 4 nights with a stop to Nassau and to the cruise liner's private island. In this post I will focus only on Nassau and the many adventures your family will have! The boarding process is usually very easy, cruise liners send out travel packet weeks in advanced with luggage tags and cruise contracts that can be pre-filled to make this process faster. I reccomend having these tags on you suitcases and the documents signed. Once you get to port there are attendants who will take all of your lauggage and you will not have to worry about it until you board the ship. I will reccomend you carry a carry on size suitcase that has one set of clothing for the entire family just in case your suitcase takes a little longer to be delivered to your room. Your will then go through security check, this is actually a much simpler process than an airport. Once through security you go to the check-in counter, they will take your picture, check your passports/birth certificates and hand you your keys. All that's left is to board the ship!

Atlantis Aquarium

Some of the fish you will see!
Some of the fish you will see! | Source
Crazy ceiling!
Crazy ceiling! | Source
Beautiful view
Beautiful view | Source
Sharks | Source


My first recommendation is to make sure you pack a backpack! Carry sunscreen, money, passports, your cruise keys, and a map of Nassau (usually you can find these on the ship the day you are at port) in this backpack and designate a parent to keep a watchful eye on it. Once off the ship I recommend you take a taxi, it is cheaper than booking an excursion, and going to Atlantis its about $10 per person for the taxi. I will warn you, traffic laws in Nassau are significantly are not strictly enforced as they are in the U.S., but it is worth the trip. If you want to then book an excursion through your cruise, talk to a port agent and they will arrange everything!Once you get to Atlantis you have several options, my favorite recommendation for the children older than 7 would be going to the aquarium. It can me both self guided or you can have a guide take you around. It is also very large so be prepared to walk and it can take any where between 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours from start to finish. The aquarium is creatively themed to uphold the name of the resort and takes you through the Lost City of Atlantis. If you have children that are younger I recommend purchasing a day pass to the resort's water park. They have several pools, slides, and is a great way to burn energy! Another fun family activity is swimming with the dolphins! Although this can get a bit pricey it is a memorable experience for everyone and is a highlight to a cruise to the Bahamas.Now on to one of my favorite and food! Yes, there is food provided on the ship, so if you are on a budget take a quick lunch break and head back on board for a quick bite before you go shopping. I will warn you be aware of your all aboard times, these vary from ship to ship and can be as early as 4:30 pm or as late at midnight. If you have an earlier on board time (meaning if you have to get back on the ship) then I would recommend you packing snacks or actually eating at Nassau. My favorite restaurant is Senior Frogs...warning this place by 2 pm can get very rowdy so for families have an earlier lunch if not enjoy the show (of drunk people). For shopping I recommend the straw market district, it can be a bit overwhelming at first, a lot of people coming toward you at once, but its worth it! You can find a lot of fun neat artifacts that are locally made and make great gifts! Another place that you should stop is Del Sol. They have a lot of fun color changing products that the kids will all love! Also Carriloha is always next to Del Sol, they are owned by the same company, and they specialize in all products made out of bamboo which is surprisingly soft. Make sure when you in Carriloha tell the kids to yell Carriloha, they usually give then a beautiful bamboo necklace. Well these are my recommendations on your family cruise to Nassau. I will blog soon about an adult cruise to Nassau and what fun things you should do!

Where you'll be

A markerNassau, Bahamas -
Nassau, The Bahamas
get directions

This is where the beautiful island is!


Backback musts!
What to do!
Where to Eat
Del Sol
Go back to ship
Water Park
Senior Frogs
Cruise Key
Dolphin Swim
Straw Marrket
This is a quick little recap

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