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Adrenalin Quarry

Updated on October 6, 2016

Adrenalin Quarry

If you're looking for an action-packed day, something for real adrenalin junkies, challenging yourself and having exciting new experiences, then why not head out to Adrenalin Quarry with your family for the day!

If you're spontaneous and fun-loving, then you'll be pleased to discover that there's no need to book, just turn up and start enjoying the outdoor pursuits to be found in the Quarry

Adrenalin Junkies Queue Here - Rush Guaranteed!

As featured on Channel 5's Gadget Show.

Highest Zipwire in the UK - up to 40mph

Check out the zipwire, soar 50m above a flooded quarry - over 490metres long - on twin-cabled zipwire .

  • It's the second longest zipwire in the UK (the new one at the Eden Project is 600 metres)
  • It's the second fastest zipwire in the UK, now the Eden Project are claiming 60mph
  • It's the highest zipwire in the UK.

Reach speeds of up to 40mph. The youngest that's done it so far has been 5 and the oldest 87 - so there's little excuse there to wimp out!

All zipwire users are met at the bottom by trained helpers, to ensure you have a safe landing and unhook yourself properly.

No booking required for the zipwire.

It's Not All Headrush

Now, before you hide the details of this fabulous day out from your family, look again - because it's not all about adrenalin and danger at the Quarry.  There are plenty of other activities too.  Why not:

  • Check out the stunning views of Bodmin Moor
  • Watch the cliff jumpers from a free spectator platform
  • Enjoy a picnic in the picnic area overlooking the lake

There's free entry and free parking.  You pay only for the activities you're interested in doing.  So, if you're a wimp, offer to cut the sandwiches and hold the coats!  There's no need for the others to go without, or for you to feel you have to do the scary stuff.

Drive a Hovercraft

Drive Your Own Hovercraft

Fancy having a go at piloting a single-seat hovercraft?  These are great fun - and manageable by everybody.

Adrenalin Quarry's friendly instructors will soon have you flying along.  Once you've mastered the skills in the training field, you're then let loose on the water - go flying at full throttle under towering cliffs.

Hovercrafts will need to be booked in advance.

Crikey - Is It Safe??

Everything at Adrenalin Quarry's perfectly safe. Although you get the adrenalin buzz, safety is key and they go over the top about safety so you're not really in any danger at all.

Only state-of-the-art equipment is used. All the rides are supervised by expertly trained instructors, who are there to reassure you and help you.

On the zipwire the instructors aren't just there to make sure you're properly harnessed and launch with grace, but they're also waiting at the bottom to catch you and unhook you!

  • No age limits
  • Zip weight limits: minimum 25Kg, maximum 115Kg

Directions to Adrenalin Quarry

A markerAdrenalin Quarry -
Menheniot, Liskeard, Cornwall PL14 3PJ, UK
get directions

Highest zipwire in the UK

Directions to Adrenalin Quarry

Adrenalin Quarry's an ideal Car Free Day Out as it's right next to Menheniot Railway Station, which is on the mainline between Penzance and London Paddington station, although not every train stops at the station.

Opening Hours: Easter to end September. 7 days a week 10am-6pm. October-Easter phone/text for details.

Admission Prices: Prices vary depending on the activity

Address: Lower Clicker Road, Menheniot, Liskeard, Cornwall, PL14 3PJ



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    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 7 years ago from San Francisco

      Whoah, 40mph on a zipline??? I NEED TO TRY THIS!! Adrenaline Quarry sounds like heaven on wheels!