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Yearly Festivals in Belgium

Updated on September 21, 2011


Well you have decided to visit Belgium or move there are something’s you may want to know about their current yearly festivities. There are many worth visiting and experiencing while there so I hope you get a chance. They provide a unique perspective into Belgian culture that you may not be able to get elsewhere.

The number one festival that Belgium celebrates year to year is the Gentse Feesten. It normally takes place in the little city of Ghent. This festival was first introduced in the early 1800s; it is held for 10 consecutive days and consists of a variety of musical, theatrical performances, and street acts. My only word of caution is watch out for the mimes J

The second largest festival that Belgium celebrates year to year is the Belgian Festival. It has been adopted into the national heritage world foundation as one of the most premiere event in the world. The main features of this great festival are the procession of clowns called Gilles. They perform with percussion instruments and through fruit at the crowds while parading down the street

international Bathtub Regatta
international Bathtub Regatta
christmas in belgium
christmas in belgium
Gentse Feesten
Gentse Feesten

For more of the historical performance that you are looking for there is a wide variety of Belgium history and medieval festivals throughout the year. One of these festivals that is a must see is the Ommegang festival held in Brussels held in the fall every year. It provides a great history lesson of Belgium that provides direct processions of the various monarchs that controlled Belgium territory in the past. Some of the great emperors that are shown are Charles V, The Prince of Apple, Prince Philip, and Queen Eleanor. The best seating is usually by the main Brussels town hall but get there early otherwise you will be out of luck.

There is also a great festival based on biblical stories for those who are interested. It is called the Marriage of Goliath. It is o celebrate the festival of 15ft giants in Ath. There is also many prominent biblical figures throughout the centuries. There are reenactments of historical biblical battles from the Old Testament and even David and Goliath.

Well for those who like to “ROCK” taking part in the festivities of the ROCK WERCHTER is for you . It is the wood stock of Europe. Here is where you will hear the greats rock bands of old and of new culture come together for days of just plain rocking out. This is a cool way to relive those Woodstock dreams over and over again every year.

If you are looking for something totally off the map this next festival might be for you. It is called the international Bathtub regatta in the city of DInanat. This is the world’s finest and most unique display of bathtubs from around the world. So, if you like fine bathtubs or want to experience something truly unique this is a must see festival for your trip.

I think the greatest time of year is always Christmas, and Christmas in Belgium is no exception. I think every country truly pours their hearts out when it comes to this time of year but Belgium has a unique perspective on this. So if you are there around Christmas make sure you visit downtown light display and the holiday parade and festival you will truly see the magic of Belgium love in Brussels in December.


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  • steffer profile image

    Stef Verheyen 7 years ago from Belgium (Europe)

    great hub kadmiels, and very correct, but as a Belgian myself, i would add; sinksefoor as is one of the biggest fairgrounds (carnival) of the country, held once a year in the city centre of Antwerp.

    anyway, great hub



  • Shinkicker profile image

    Shinkicker 7 years ago from Scotland

    Belgium is not the boring place that's been alleged :-)

    Europe has many fantastic festivals.

    Thanks for the Hub Kadmiels