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Filipinas Can Dance

Updated on March 22, 2011

A Traditional Filipino Dance

IF YOU KNOW your music and have been exposed to music from all over the world, you would know that most Filipinas can sing.  Well, most Filipinos could sing and play good music too.

You would also know that Filipinos can dance.

The JabbaWockeez dance crew composed of mainly Filipino-Americans, for example could do a mean Michael Jackson.

JabbaWockeeZ - Winner of the First America's Best Dance Crew

And if you are still unconvinced, you are probably among the few who haven’t watch the viral youtube videos of Filipino Inmates in the Cebu Penitentiary (more commonly called a jail) practicing Michael’s World Famous Thriller. And yes, that “lady” in those videos wearing the revealing top is also a male inmate, remember this was shot inside an all male prison yard, like any female would want to be caught inside that place being besieged by inmates, zombies or not.


Imagine too that they were only doing these group dance practices as part of their prisoner rehabilitation, so you would think they could have been better dancers under more appropriate circumstances. And it is as if you could select who would be inmates, they could be anybody off the street but still all of them could dance the Michael Jackson, imagine that.


Pardon the previous video, it was apparently taken by an amateur and the first parts are a little shaky and the sound you might have to turn up the volume to, to appreciate.

And also I should have warned you guys of the sexual content and language, but that would probably only made you watch this video all the more...


But here is the question, can Filipinas dance?

Apparently, yes, they can.

And I am not even referring to pole dancing, sexy dancing, dirty dancing, bar dancing, go-go dancing or whatever kinky dancing you might be thinking of. But of course, Filipinas as well as any other female from most cultures are mean sexy dancers, but that is not what I am talking about folks. So do not go kinky and stereotypical on me now for that is just so typical. And for the record, not all Filipinas are nurses, not all Filipinas are mail-to-order brides and not all Filipinas are nannies or domestic help.



So What Type of Dancing Are We Talking About

I am talking about Mainstream dancing and even Ballroom dancing or Latin dancing.

And my answer to the question, can Filipinas dance, yes they can.


Well if you have been watching any of the ten seasons so far of ABC’s top rated Dancing With The Stars Show DWTS, you would know that Cheryl (Bautista) Burke is Filipina, well okay half-Filipina, her mom’s a Filipina and also a great dancer.

And she not only has drop dead gorgeous looks, she also has drop dead gorgeous moves on the dance floor, as she is the American Show’s first two-time champion and its first back-to-back champion. And of course she had to be a dance champion of other dance competitions before she could even have been invited to try out and become a professional dancer on that show.

And if you are really watching DWTS, you would know that one of the top Star Contenders on the current season (season 10)* is also a Filipina, Pussycat Doll’s leadsinger (yes singer and dancer) Nicole Scherzinger or Nicole Valiente. Well again, half-Filipina, his dad being Filipino, she was born in Honolulu, the same as Dancing With The Star’s Resident Judge Asian Carrie Anne Inaba (who I consider more Filipina, than Hawaiian, or Japanese or Chinese, I don’t know why I just see her as one, sorry Carrie Anne).

There you go, so indeed Filipinas can dance.

* At the time of this writing, season 10 is still ongoing, Nicole went on to win this year with her pro partner Derek Hough.



(Filipino slang word which could mean Pretty Woman, Hottie or Babe)

by The Black Eyed Peas




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  • J@ps profile image

    J@ps 7 years ago from Southern California

    You are welcome jill.

    And you are so right!

  • jill of alltrades profile image

    jill of alltrades 7 years ago from Philippines

    Thanks for featuring Filipino dancers J@ps. Yes, we Filipinos can dance! And sing too!