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Find The Best Christmas Car Rental Deals

Updated on January 15, 2013

Hiring a rental car during the festive seasons can be a potentially tricky affair. While the availability of the car of your choice might be, in itself, an issue, the rental charges also tend to go up on occasions like Christmas and the Easter weekend. However, provided that you are meticulous enough in your planning, you can indeed hire a vehicle, at a reasonable rate. For example, during Christmas, you can derive the true essence of the festivities, by going on a trip with your friends/family members to a foreign city, and availing of car rental services to explore the important tourist hotspots over there. For instance, the North American city of Brampton is your destination then you can easily select a plan for convenient weekly car rental in Brampton.

Many companies offer attractive Christmas travel deals, which you can avail of, to make your trip all the more pleasant. To get the maximum benefits out of these car rental deals, do take care of the following points:


Be early to book – As Christmas approaches, the rush of people looking for car rental services steadily goes up too. As a result, the rates charged by the companies also tend to increase with every passing day. You need to book the car that would be ideal for your trip well in advance, in order to avoid having to bear exorbitant rental charges.

Be selective in choosing extra services – Many car rental companies offer certain extra services (like, a snow chain, or a CD of Christmas carols) with their vehicles, during Christmas. While these services can help to capture the joyous mood of the season, in most cases, you need to pay extra amounts for them. Opt only for the services that you would actually need, and avoid the unnecessary ones. This would help you keep a tab on your total expenses.

Look around for the best deal – In order to be able to get the ideal Christmas car rental deal, you need to compare the rates and other additional offers that are being extended by at least three to four alternative car rental companies. You can look on the web for affordable plans for long term car rental in Brampton (if you are planning to stay for a month or so in this Canadian city), or for attractive deals on shorter trips. Interact with the representatives of the rental companies that you have selected, before making the final decision.

Be a little flexible – During Christmas, you constantly need to be on the lookout to cut down on avoidable expenses. For example, if the place from where you need to pick up the rental car is not exactly near the airport (or any spot that you would have otherwise preferred), remain flexible and do the needful. Remember that, such savings can ultimately go a long way in making your trip more economically viable.

Find out about the car insurance options – The chances of accidents and/or mechanical failures always remain, when you are traveling in a car. The car rental company whose services you are looking to hire should have adequate insurance facilities, to cover all such potential damages.

Gather information about the places you wish to visit – You should have at least some basic knowledge about the place where you would be going to during the Christmas weekend. There might be certain specific travel regulations at certain locations, which might be in place only for the festive season. Knowledge about such rules and specifications can help you frame your travel plans in a better manner.

Choose the best days of the week for your travel – During the peak season, car companies often offer special deals and offers on certain days of the week. Find out about such special schemes (if any), and schedule your travel accordingly.

Christmas is the ideal time to go on a vacation trip to a quaint, attractive place of your choice, and transportation worries should be the last thing bugging your mind. Choose a good Christmas car rental deal, and discover the real joys of festive travel!

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