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First snow

Updated on January 21, 2010
as I go to work
as I go to work
Oh great no shower today
Oh great no shower today
Looks nice but!
Looks nice but!

Did you every wake up one morning after battling an illness of some kind, in need of a shower and no water to be found.

Last week here in northern Georgia it snowed,rained and was just plain miserable all around.

On Saturday morning around our house the grandson is up and watching TV early.I usually cook up a breakfast for all.

This morning was different though,I heard a scream from the upstairs bathroom there's no water can you fix it. Now I don't know about your house hold , but around our house all broken stuff belongs to me. We will just call me builder Mickey I had no son's and my daughter refused to learn to cook.

You know this would not be so bad if only I could get away for a little. I don't think women understand they weren't hired in as sex symbols and we are not just the handy dandy repair man. Once in a while in the relationship it would be nice just to call someone else when you have a problem. But, as you all know I'm a hard ass about my things, I have tools all over the house or at least until my wife hides them until another day.

Now my kitchen is another thing, I do all the cooking and I love to cook, so I have a nice 6 burner stove top, double ovens, flat top grill and Pennie press.I can also there is always large pots hanging around the kitchen too. Just consider my kitchen as a garage and all the equipment is for working on cars. Do you know what happens when someone else gets into your garage and moves stuff, enough said I can't find anything.

Oh well I have had a lot of fun today at my wife's expense, I guess that's why we been married so long.There's a happiness about being with someone for so long almost 30 years. If you look in your heart you will see. I don't drink anymore, I quit smoking cigars and my feet don't stink, for now.

As you all know I'm waiting for a Kidney Transplant any day now I hope. I have been on dialysis for a year now and its kicking my but. So when I come home from Dialysis and my head hurts, my stomach is killing me I get supper cooked in a hurry so I don't piss off my wife, it's bad enough to be sick but why make your wife mad also.

We just spent a week at my sister in law's house because the pipes were all broken and the water was frozen in the ground, that doesn't happen much around here but when it does it happens to a lot of folks.

I cooked for the family as usual just as if I were at home. Picking up a pot at someone else's house is different , The tools of the trade are just different. We ate real good for a week and food that my sister in law may not have been used to eating, but that keep me on keel with nature.

We survived the week and are back home after I rebuilt all the pipes in the shed. My daughter and new son in law also live in the house with their two kids. Enough adventure for now I will pick on someone else later.


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    hump 7 years ago

    great story