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Five Apps You Should Download to Make the Most of Your Time in London

Updated on July 8, 2015

Isn’t technology a wonderful thing? As we continue march headlong into the digital age, there isn’t much we can’t do online these days, even whilst on the move.

Indeed, to paraphrase a certain company’s well-known slogan, no matter what we need to do when we’re out and about, from checking our bank balance to ordering pizza, there’s an app for that.

The same goes for making the most of your visit to Smart City’s serviced apartments in London. Inside, we do our very best to look after with fully fitted kitchens, free WiFi, and everything you’ll need to feel right at home. Once outside however, it may well feel like you’re on your own as you traverse the busy -and sometimes overwhelming- world of central London.

Though that’s not necessarily the case. To help you enjoy an easier time when you stay with us, we’ve rounded up the top five smartphone apps that we absolutely recommend you download before you get here.


Ever been ripped off trying to get a simple taxi ride from A-B? With Kabbee, those days are over. Download the app -available for both iPhone and Android devices- and Kabbee will compare prices to bring the best quotes for your job.

You could also use the Hailo app to hail a taxi there and then, but to get the best possible price on pre-booked journeys, Kabbee is the one you'll need.


Much as Kabbee does to save you money on cab fares, TobTable is there to handle all your dinner reservations whilst serving up some great deals in the process.

With almost 90% of the capital's most saught-after eateries onboard, finding a top place near to your serviced apartment has never been easier.


So, you've landed at your luxury apartment on City Road, you've unpacked, and now you've got hours of free time on your hands. You head out the door, and then what?

Simple: You fire up this free app on your phone and find a list of everything going on in the area that day.

Using Yplan, you can even book tickets and reservations directly through your phone.


We're talking from experience here when we say that the trusty Google Maps app on your phone isn't always the greatest for helping you navigate your way around London's countless side streets.

Thankfully, there's an app that does just the job. With every nook and cranny covered in plenty of detail, Cittymapper helps you to plan the quickest and easiest route from A - B.

Tube map

As if the streets of London weren't confusing enough sometimes, the London Underground can be even worse, especially if you've never taken the tube before.

Worry not though, with Tube Map, help is at hand. Whether you're trying to negotiate your route from the station to your new serviced apartment in Covent Garden, or to make it to your next meeting on time, this handy app will show exactly which stops to change at and how to get there in no time at all.


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