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Five Hotel Amenities to Make Your Stay More Comfortable

Updated on October 9, 2021
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Mahogany Speaks is a nurse with 20 yrs of exp. in healthcare & 14+ yrs in Blogging. She has an MBA in HCM & owns an article writing svc co.

Are you traveling for business or leisure any time soon? If you are going to be in town for more than one night, there are a few must-have amenities you should consider to make your stay comfortable and one of convenience.


Restaurant and/or Room Service

If you are traveling into an area that you are not familiar with and fully aware that you will not have the energy or time to locate a restaurant with more than a burger or taco on the menu, make sure you select a hotel with a restaurant inside of the hotel or a hotel that multiple restaurants surround. If you are in town for more than two days, you will probably want to mix it up during the week.

Are you looking to stay in your room? Consider reserving a room at a hotel with room service. Local restaurants that deliver to your hotel will be a plus.

Free Breakfast Anyone?

Speaking of a hotel with a restaurant, find a hotel that offers complimentary breakfast in the morning –and not just any old breakfast but a meal that will give you the energy and caffeine you require to get through the day.

Many hotels offer breakfast items, including biscuits, sausage, eggs, potatoes, juices, milk, and cereal. Again it's free, so make sure you inquire about the degree of breakfast goodies available to you. You may even have the option to pre-order a breakfast room service the night before. Make sure you look closely at the pre-order card as most will have to hang outside the door by 11:00 p.m. the night before.

Not a big fan of breakfast? Some hotel chains offer a happy hour special that can double as dinner in some instances.


Room with a Suite

While a hotel will never feel like home, there are small things that can make your stay a bit more tolerable such as a suite. That's right! A suite can give one the feel of home as you generally have a bit more space to work with for your use.

When some hear the word suite, they think costly and extravagant. However, it often does not have to be a fancy suite but one with separate space. Ideally, the room should have a bed, desk, and chest on one side and a sofa, coffee table, and desk on the other side. Some hotel chains have rooms that use the desk to separate the space in the suite, and that will work just as well. Nonetheless, a suite enables you to stretch out and relax genuinely and the end of a very long day.

In addition, a room with a refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, and wet bar area can go a long way to make the stay.

Fitness Facility

Are you a fitness buff? Are you trying to get into shape but worried about what your next trip will do to your best-laid fitness plans? Whether you are a fitness buff or someone who needs to get moving in the morning or find your second wind later in the evening, make sure that you find a hotel that offers a fitness facility.

The good news is that most hotels these days offer access to a fitness facility. However, some may have restricted hours of operation, so be sure to verify hours of operation. Nonetheless, do your research and look for online photos. The definition of a fitness facility can vary. Some facilities are limited to two treadmills, a bike, an elliptical trainer, and a few handheld weights, while others are rich with options that accommodate their guests.



Unless you are sure that you will rent a car or take a cab/sedan service to/from the airport or destination, look for a hotel with transportation. Hotel transportation is not a show-stopper; however, it is a perk to seek if your plans do not include a rental car or personal transportation. In addition, many offer transportation to and from the airport and locations close to the hotel, which can be beneficial if you ever need or want to go shopping for personal items or just for fun!

These are just a few tips of things to consider next time you travel.


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