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Five Things to Try While Studying Abroad in Australia

Updated on December 3, 2012

The land down under is a known destination for tourists. It is a top destination for those who seek good beaches, those who are quite a party animal or tourist who are simply amazed by the cultural richness of the country. In the recent years though, a good bulk of these foreign toes landing on this vast land down under are set on an academic adventure. Since the country opened study abroad programs, many have chosen to seek admittance in its universities and institutions.

Studying abroad in Australia has become a top choice. Many of its universities are world renowned; producing scholars and industry leaders. This being the reason, Australia continues to welcome every year a number of foreign students. It now has a reputable population of foreign students, who during their spare time seek to explore what the country has to offer. All year round, known destinations and attractions in the country are getting visits from these students. There are a lot of things to try while in the country; here are five of some of the things that you should get a personal taste of.


Nothing compares to Australian beaches. Such statement is not even debatable especially if you are a surfer – or at least is starting to be. Surfing is such a famed recreation in the country. Locals, especially in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and the Western Australia are avid surfers. But any foreign visitor should set some time to experience this truly amazing sport. There are more to books and Australian university life. The Aussie sun, sand and seas are but inviting. Students during breaks and weekends flock to the beaches for some fun time. Beach parties are also very common, so this would also open you to more acquaintances. Studying abroad in Australia is sure more fun with some play time.


The Outback

Nature lovers and just plain weekend campers would really love what the Australian Outback has to offer. The country has many natural attractions; the likes of Alice Springs and Ayers Rock are world renowned destinations that attract nature loving tourist. A road trip to these places would definitely be worth your spare time.


Wine Tasting

Victoria and New South Wales are a home to the country’s most famous vineyards. Checking them out personally would be such a treat for your taste buds! It is a fun way to unwind during the weekend. Studying abroad in Australia might mean you missing your favorite bars and restos at home. But the country presents an alternative. It’s a sure must try for those who like some taste buds adventure.


The Great Barrier Reef

One of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef is a must see. Try snorkeling at the Queensland coastline to see for yourself this marvelous work of nature. It’s a sure perk for those students at University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology to be situated near this tourist attraction.

Mardi Gras- With an Australian Kick

Nobody parties like a college guy/gal – they say. And so while studying abroad in Australia; why not get a taste of an annual attraction that calls upon party animals not just around the country, but even from around the world. Sydney also houses the world renowned ultimate party – Mardi Gras. It’s a fun time to see a glimpse of the city making its colorful style shine.

These are just but five things that you can try while studying abroad in Australia, but the list can still go long. Go and explore what more the country has to offer.


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