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Flamingo Land

Updated on May 19, 2009

Flamingo Land

Flamingo Land How to get there

Flamingo Land is situated in the Vale of Pickering, North Yorkshire within easy reach of Scarborough, Bridlington and Filey.

Train: The local train station is in Malton.

Bus: From York you should pick up the Yorkshire Coaster.

Car: Exiting the A1 for the A64 York road and the follow sign posts to Malton/Scarborough until finally picking up the sign posts a little way out of Malton for Flamingo Land

Flamingo Land is opened from March to October 10am- 6pm.

Flamingo Land Log Cabin

Map of Flamingo Land

Click on picture for a larger image
Click on picture for a larger image

What is Flamingo Land

Flamingo Land is a Holiday Resort, a Theme Park and a Zoo.

Flamingo Land Resort

The Resort has three levels of accommodation, Silver, Gold and Log cabins.

The Silver and Gold accommodations are static caravans both are of a very high standard but the Gold standard Caravan is a new caravan that is under 1 year old.


"Our silver fleet offers a third tier of accommodation for our guests, again sleeping up to six in three bedrooms. The open-plan living area combines a fully fitted kitchen with oven, microwave and fridge with a lounge and dining area. For 2009 all of our silver fleet holiday homes have being fitted with new carpets and new upholstery throughout. The theme park & zoo, American Bar and Leisure complex are all within a five-minute stroll from the majority of our silver fleet holiday homes, some are a little further away on our Woodlands development. Please make sure you bring your own bed linen and towels."


"All of our gold fleet luxury holiday homes sleep up to six guests in one double bedroom and two twin bedrooms, there is a family bathroom with shower cubicle. All of our premium level holiday homes are under 12 months old, the majority are brand new for the 2009 season. The open plan living area combines a fully fitted kitchen with oven, microwave and fridge with a lounge and dining area. The gold fleet holiday homes come supplied with a flat screen television and integrated entertainment system. The theme park & zoo, American Bar and Leisure complex are all within a five minute stroll from your holiday accommodation. Please make sure you bring your own bed linen and towels"

The Log Cabins

"Our Scandinavian style log cabins are located on an exclusive development just a short walk from the theme park and zoo, the leisure complex and the entertainment venues. Each cabin sleeps a maximum of six guests in one double bedroom with en-suite shower room and two twin bedrooms. There is a further family bathroom. The fully furnished lounge and dining room comes complete with a wide screen 32” freeview digital television. The fully fitted kitchen is equipped with a gas hob and electric oven, microwave, washing machine and full size fridge freezer. All bedding is supplied in the log cabins so there’s need to worry about making up your beds after your journey to North Yorkshire."

Private Accommodation

There is also an option to buy your own caravan and keep it onsite, you can either have it for your own personal use or rent it out during the season.

Quoted text taken from the Flamingo land Website 


Rides to the Xtreme at Flamingo Land

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Cliff HangerCork ScrewKumaliSky FlyerVelocityFlip Flop
Cliff Hanger
Cliff Hanger
Cork Screw
Cork Screw
Sky Flyer
Sky Flyer
Flip Flop
Flip Flop

Extreme rides


Flamingo Land Theme Park

There are XTREME Rides, there are family Rides, there are Kids rides, and there are Scenic Rides. in fact there are rides that will suit anyone of any age.

Extreme Rides

If it's a white knuckle racing heart adrennaline rush that you are after then Flamingo Land is right up your street avoid these rides at all costs if you suffer from a heart condition.

Cliff Hanger:

One of the tallest vertical drop rides in Europe Cliff Hanger is a little different to the rest, with no warning machinary sounds  you can be shot straight up to the top before you know it or straight back down, the ride is different every time a different experience every time you ride on it.

Cork Screw:

One of the first rides to arrive at Flamingo Land and still a firm favorite with visitors the Corkscrew Roller coaster, is suitable for young and old because it has a very low hight restriction, with two 360-degree inversion on the 2400 feet long tracks its bound to  get your pulse racing.



A suspension rollercoaster Kumali is named after Flamingo Lands Pride of lions, and you will need the heart of a lion to ride this one, with a top speed of 56 mph and 4 inversions you will experience 4.7 Gs and you will discover the meaning of white knuckle rides, to top off the Kumali experience, every car is fitted with a video recorder so you can get your self a unique souvenir.

Sky Flyer:

Join the crew of a pirate ship and prepare yourself for the stormiest seas that you will ever encounter in your lifetime, the galleon will build up speed rocking back and forth getting hugher and higher until it goes around a complete 360-degree, don't have breakfast before this one you could feel a little seasick afterwards.


Roller coasters are the ultimate thrill rides but Velocity Takes that thrill to the max, have you ever been on a motorbike?, 0-60 in 2.8 seconds, harpin turns, climbs and drops, on 2000 meters of track

Velocity has a unique restraint device that allows upper body freedom of movement giving you the feeling that you are actually on that superbike.

Flip Flop

The Flip Flop will have you holding on for dear life, this ride swings and spins at the same time, it is so scary that you will hardly notice the waterjets being squirted at you as you are flying and spinning through the air.

Muddy Duck Farm

Other Flamingo Land Rides

Of course there are a whole lot more rides in flamingo Land from the traditional carousel to dodgem cars flamingo land has rides to suit every member of the family no matter what age they are.

Take a ride on a tractor at muddy duck farm, or enjoy a 4D Movie at the cinema, or take a Riverboat safari, Take a pedalo ride, a trip on the monorail, or a train ride around the park.

There a slides, bouncy castles, Play areas. a junior driving school water rides roundabouts and a whole lot more.

Flamingo Land has so much to offer that a one day would not be enough time to take it all in.

The Famous Flamingo's of Flamingo Land Zoo

Flamingo Land Zoo

Flamingo Land wouldn't be Flamingo Land without the flamingo's, and of course there are plenty of them to see at Flamingoland Zoo along with a whole host of other animals like lions. Siberian tigers, camels, tapirs, Chimps, cameroon sheep, Lynx, giraffe, baboons, hippo's and a lot more.

you can if you chose to adopt an animal from the Zoo to help pay for the animals up keep.

All in all Flamingo Land is a fantastic experience for every member of the family young or old, too much to take it all in, in one day worth every penny and you will want to go back for more.



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    • profile image

      ryan gardner 8 years ago

      hello any1 there

    • profile image

      ryan gardner 8 years ago

      how do i apply for a job at flamingoland

    • StevenCavendish profile image

      StevenCavendish 8 years ago

      This looks so cool. I'll visit one day.

    • Peter Dickinson profile image

      Peter Dickinson 8 years ago from South East Asia

      Oh the place has changed. I started my zoo career here back in the late 60's. Then it was called Flamingo Park Zoo and had Elephants, Giraffes, Polar Bears, Killer Whale, Elephant Seal, Orangutan and much more. Even back then there was an amusement side with Cowboy City.

    • profile image

      Iðunn 8 years ago

      log cabins and flamingos, nice combo. very attractive hub, jimmy.

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 8 years ago from India

      Sounds like a great place to visit.

    • BrianS profile image

      Brian Stephens 8 years ago from Castelnaudary, France

      Great appraisal, bet if the proprietors of the facility see this they will well chuffed.  There is a village in the South of France called Bages which has a lovely Mediterranean Lagoon and flocks of pink flamingos, would be a great place to set up a resort just like this one.

    • BirteEdwards profile image

      BirteEdwards 8 years ago

      You should sell them this hub, to be used in the promotionals

    • Dorrene R profile image

      Dorrene R 8 years ago

      Makes me want to go!!