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Halloween in Florence - What to See, Do, & Eat in October

Updated on October 20, 2017
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C. De Melo is the author of Amazon's bestselling Renaissance Fiction novel: SABINA. She lives in Florence, Italy.

San Miniato Cemetery

Palazzo Vecchio at Night


Roasted Chestnuts





The Renaissance City...Haunted?

Founded by the Romans in 59 BCE, it is no surprise that witches and ghosts have made their mark during Florence's long history. Several years ago, Halloween was virtually unheard of- much less celebrated- in Italy. Fortunately, this is no longer the case.


1. Hotel / Pensione Burchianti: This 17th century building contains beautiful frescoes and gracious rooms. Although the late Mussolini himself has spent the night there, it is rumored that the owner does not. Why? Burchianti is said to be haunted. Guests have reported seeing a male ghost, but don't worry, he's apparently friendly. People have also reported feeling shifts of air (as if someone has entered the room), icy breath / vapor, and the feeling of the bed sinking as if someone was sitting on the bed- when there's no one there, of course!

2. Fort Belvedere: Across the river in the Oltrarno there is a medieval fortress that stands proudly atop a hill. This is the area where the city burned the damned: those accused of witchcraft and murder. It is said the restless spirits of these condemned people are still there, causing grief and mischief for the living. Supposedly, some of the winding, curvy roads vibrate at night with supernatural energy and people have reported not only hearing voices, but seeing ghost-like apparitions walk along the medieval walls.

3. San Miniato al Monte Cemetery: No Halloween is complete without a visit to the local graveyard and Florence has an incredible one. This famous, frequently visited cemetery lies just outside the city center, behind the 11th century monastery dedicated to St. Minius. It is full of hauntingly beautiful statues, mausoleums so grand that any vampire would be proud to be entombed within their walls, and gravestones complete with eerie black and white photographs of the deceased. Famous Italians are buried there, too, like Carlo Collodi- the author of Pinocchio. NOTE: while you're there, be sure to go inside (it's free) and check out one of the most exquisite funerary chapels ever created in Renaissance Florence. Read more about it HERE


FLORENCE INFERNO: This is a spooky walking tour that takes place at night. You are encouraged to dress in costume. For more information, click HERE

TASSO HOSTEL: In addition to hosting a fabulous open-mic night on the first Wednesday of each month, they throw a mean Halloween costume party. With a big indoor / outdoor space and good bar, you will definitely want to dress up for this. For info, click HERE


1. Tartufo (truffle): Aromatic, mouth-watering fungi that can be grated or sliced on meats, pasta, pizza- just about anything! Black or white, they are absolutely delicious.

2. Cavolo Nero (kale): Used in making the famous ribollita soup, which is hearty, healthy and tasty. Click for my delicious ribollita recipe, simply go to the Italian Food Crisis article.

3. Zucca (pumpkin): One of my all time favorite vegetables; used in ravioli (divine), soup and even gelato.

4. Castagna (chestnuts): Wonderful when roasted (they are sold on the streets), but also a unique flavor for gelato. Try castagnaccio , which is a torte made with chestnut flour.

And of course, wash it all down with wonderful red wine from the Chianti

Have a safe, healthy and happy Halloween! As always, thank you for reading...and if you have any ghostly encounters in the Renaissance city, please let me know and I will add it to this hub.

C. De Melo


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    • REALfoodie profile image

      C De Melo 6 years ago from Florence, Italy and WORLDWIDE

      Florence is getting into Halloween more and more each year- I think a food tour is TOTALLY appropriate- lots of goodies and treats!!!

    • profile image

      Taste Florence 6 years ago

      You'd asked if we had any plans for Halloween, here they are:

      Taste Florence has created a Trick or Treat tour!

    • MPG Narratives profile image

      Marie Giunta 6 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      I would never have thought of Florence and Halloween together, although I've never been in the city in October. I'll have to visit again during October, thanks for some great tips REALfoodie.