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Flower World

Updated on April 24, 2014

Flowers in September

It is the beginning of September. Gardening season in the Pacific Northwest is winding down for the year and it probably not the best time to go looking for flowers. But I have to run an errand up North and my good friend told me about this great nursery up there in Snohomish County called Flower World. It is located in a Maltby Washington about seven miles north of Woodinville. A name can tell you a lot about a place, like the cover of a book. Flower world must have a whole lot of flowers even in September. So my daughter and I decided to check it out.

Flower World Market

9/1/12 | Source

Herb plants for Sale

9/1/12 | Source

Produce stand

Flower World has a little farmers market style grocery store across the street from the main nursery. Here they sell produce that has been grown at the nursery and an impressive variety of potted herbs. It was clean and well lit and had a good selection of fresh produce. The prices were comparable to what you might find in a regular grocery store. I purchased some long green beans that I thought the kids might enjoy and a strawberry ice cream bar.



9/1/12 | Source
9/1/12 | Source

Hey Look Critters!

Just outside of the store there is a meandering path that leads to their livestock area. It is set up in a way that welcomes visitors to stroll along and see up close the animals that they use for eggs and such.

There were the traditional chickens, ducks, geese, and best of all peacocks. Adorable black pygmy goats jumped around frolicked in the green grassy field, butting heads occasionally. Who knew little goats could be so entertaining. I probably spent at least twenty minutes just watching the goats play.

9/1/12 | Source

A Walk In the Park

The outside of the main nursery is surrounded by walking trails and a beautiful park. I make a note to myself that the next time I come up here to bring the rest of my family and pack a picnic lunch. It has rolling green hills, beautifully maintained walking paths and a impressively large water fountain. This park looks like a great place to spend a lazy afternoon with my husband and the kids.

Beautiful view of the park

9/1/12  Purple Cone Flowers
9/1/12 Purple Cone Flowers | Source
9/1/12 | Source

One Big Beautiful Nursery

The main nursery resides just across the street from the store. It covers an impressive fifteen acres. There is plenty of parking. Upon entering the nursery maps are readily available and would be quite useful if you came in actually looking for something specific. Dahlias, roses, and an impressive variety of Japanese Maples abound. Even in September there is plenty to see. Most of the plants have detailed signage describing the plants at various stages of growth and care instructions. This is really quite helpful to a gardening novice like me. Two hours later I emerge with a couple of ornamental garlic plants. They have light green variegated foliage and lovely lavender flowers on top.

Beautiful Pink Dhalia

9/1/12 | Source

An Abundance Of Dahlias

September must be prime time for Dahlias. Flower World had tons of these beautiful flowers on display in every color that you could possibly imagine. The size of these flowers range from the size of a golf ball to the largest ones being almost as big as a dinner plate. I don't have any Dahlias in my garden yet But I adore them and plan to add some to my garden landscape soon.

Worth a Visit

Flower World is impressive in size. It reports that they grow ninety percent of their own plants rather than importing them from other growers. That is quite a lot compared to other nurseries. Their prices were fairly reasonable in comparison with other large nurseries in the area. Growing most of their own plants helps keep the cost down for you. Three of the fifteen acres are covered which means that you can shop for plants no matter what the weather outside looks like. They have a fantastic variety of plants to choose from. Overall it made for a very pleasant afternoon. I would recommend to anyone driving through this area to take a few hours to stop by and smell the roses. Visiting this wonderful nursery any time of the year is definitely worthwhile.

For more information visit their website


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9/1/12 | Source

How to get to Flower World

From Seattle

  • North on I 405
  • East on #522 towards Woodinville, Monroe
  • Left at first light (about 6 miles)
  • Immediate right at "T"
  • Straight at 3-way intersection
  • Bear left at "Y" across the RR tracks
  • Right on 196th Street SE
  • Flower World entrance is on right

From Everett

  • East on Highway 2
  • South on # 9 past Snohomish to Clearview
  • Left at light onto 180th Street SE
  • Right at stop sign onto Broadway
  • Left on 196th Street SE
  • Flower World entrance is on right

From Lynnwood

  • East on 196th Street SW and Filbert Road (# 524)
  • Continue East across Bothell - Everett Highway
  • Continue East across # 9
  • Past Maltby CafĂ© turn left at "Y"
  • Hang left at stop sign onto Broadway
  • Right on 196th Street SE
  • Flower World entrance is on right

FYI: Directional signs are posted within 2 miles of Flower World.

In case you get lost:
call (425) 481-7565 or (360) 668-9575

About the author

My name is Karen Shiley. I live in the beautiful evergreen Washington state. I have an adventurous spirit and love to share what I learn with everyone. I like science, gardening, cooking, reading, daytrips and above all else my amazing family who supply me with endless amusment and happiness. I originally published this article on 9/5/12.


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