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Flying Virgin Atlantic

Updated on June 13, 2012

About to board our Virgin Atlantic 747

Let the adventure begin!
Let the adventure begin!

Booking with Virgin Atlantic

We decided to treat the family to a few days in New York city; that's us on the right - plus dad, who can't be seen as he's taking the photo, about to board the aeroplane at Heathrow airport. One of the questions we had ask ourselves was "who should we fly with", and the people we decided to jet across the Atlantic with was Virgin Atlantic.

What was the Virgin Atlantic experience like?
We booked on-line, which was pain free. At the end of the booking procedure, we got to choose which seats we wanted. There was a little picture of the seat plan of the Boeing 747 we were due to fly out on, and we could just pick the seats which we wanted. And, what's more, there was no extra charge for this. Now, we haven't been on many flights with the family, and those flights we have taken have all been package holidays to the sun - and they charge for everything, so it was a pleasant experience not to be charged for our seat reservations.

So, all booked up and ready for action, we went back to the Virgin website 24 hours before our departure, and checked-in on-line. Printed out our boarding passes and that was it. Blimey, I certainly don't remember everything being this easy when we went away before we had kids. Mind you, that was a while a go...

The day of departure

The following day was the start of our New York adventure. So we arrived in plenty of time. Dropped our bags off at the Virgin Atlantic place, and went on through customs. There was no queue to drop the bags off because we'd already done the hard work of check-in in the day before.

We spent a couple of hours looking at planes coming and going - never considered myself a plane spotter before, but when you're not used to them screaming by overhead, they are fantastic!

We boarded the plane, which wasn't quite what we'd expected. Rather than an air bridge to get straight onto the plane, we had to get on a bus and be dropped off where the plane was "parked". Not really an issue though, and we got that photo.

We then had a seven hour flight. We thought this might be a bit of nightmare with an 8 year old and 12 year old in tow, but is wasn't to be. We'd book the middle four seats across the 747. This meant we had an isle either side of us, and the four seats in a line, so we could all spread out amongst each other, without annoying other people. Each seat also has its own screen, which shows films, TV, plays music, and has games on it. There's even my personal favourite - Tetris.

A meal was served half way through the flight. And I'd forgotten what aeroplane food was like! Nothing wrong with it, just diddy portions of things, and lots of wasted plastic. Still, it kept the children occupied...

I'm writing this halfway across the Atlantic, on that virgin flight. So can't tell you how things end up yet. But so far so good. And crucially, we'd definitely use Virgin Atlantic again should we decide to travel long haul again.

I'll just pop a couple of links at the bottom here which may come in useful if you too are looking at a virgin Atlantic flight. The first link has to be to the Virgin Atlantic website, after all this is the place to go to see what they've got on offer. And the second link is for another website which shows some Virgin Atlantic deals, and maybe useful.


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    • Julester profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from England

      Yep, had a really good time, thanks. Hard work with two children, but worth it though!

    • Pamela-anne profile image


      6 years ago from Miller Lake

      Sounds like you are off to a great wee holiday to new york somewhere I always wanted to visit myself thanks for the traveling tips! take care pam.


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