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Flying in Virgin Blue Plane - Cheapest Flights - Inflight Service Australia

Updated on October 28, 2012

Virgin Flights

Cheapest Flights

Do you like the thrill of the chase when it comes to buying a plane ticket for your travels ?

If you enjoy saving money you will want to read this !

We just very recently had a death in the family the opposite side of Australia & needed to book 2 tickets from Perth to Sydney return to fly within a week of when we heard the news.

Straight away I started to Google " cheapest flight Perth to Sydney '

After some research & just missing out on a $135 flight I managed to book us flights one way at $168 each and the return flight at $198 .

Keeping in mind that when I did this trip well over 15 years ago it was about $350 return then !

Here is a better deal ! Perth to Sydney

Jetstar Return flight deal.

Listed 09/03/2011



fr $317*

Why Virgin Blue is a good price

Virgin Blue’s philosophy "If you can get to your destination in no time, who needs all the extras?" encapsulates their low-cost strategy. Virgin Blue Airlines cuts back on included "non-essentials" to reduce their overall costs, while providing passengers with the highest level of service. By selling food on-board Virgin Blue flights and using telephone and internet booking systems, Virgin Blue Airlines eliminate the costs associated with included in-flight meals and printed tickets. This allows Virgin Blue airfares to remain as cheap as possible without compromising on quality.

Print your own boarding pass

Boarding Pass

 With having a cheap flight that only allows you carry on luggage which( I often do that anyway )means

you can print out your own boarding pass rather than line up in the queue . If you want to there is an option to change your seat numbers which I did on the return trip as I had worked out on the way over which seats were near the wing so I swapped for seats further back in the plane .

Individual Tv

When I first heard that every seat had its own individual tv I thought it would be good.


However you have to pay $9 to watch just one channel on the tv . If you have a run of programmes to watch then you might feel it is worth it however I enjoy reading so I enjoyed my book.

On other airlines at least they played a movie for everyone free of charge which was good if you liked the movie.

Individual tv 's

The food onboard -Luke Managan

These days no matter how much you pay for your plane ticket there is no meals & drinks included like there used to be for all those years we travelled & looked forward to a surprise meal!

When we flew from Perth to Sydney the food for sale seemed a reasonable price & had it been evening not early morning I would have ordered some along with a glass of wine.

On the way back however the menu & prices had changed because now A Celebrity Chef Luke Managan who is one of Australia's leading chefs & restaurateurs looking to try feed us with a clean & contemporary twist was in charge of the menu & a gourmet pie was $8 after 11 am!

You could buy Banana bread $5

A noodle salad $10

Instant hot pasta meal $5

Premium Panini $10

Braised beef in red wine with mash & green beans $12 after 2pm

As well as other food available.


Fortunately we had our own food with us like others or I would just have waited till we got to the airport to eat as we were on a morning flight

They like you to pay for everything if possible by credit card , I guess this way you don't think about how much extra you are spending on board above the price of your airfare.

However if you have saved $$$ on your airfare it is nice to treat yourself to a meal which we would have done on an evening flight.

News Report

Luke Mangan joined the battle for the hearts and palates of the nation's airline travellers yesterday  as he launched a revamped Virgin Blue economy menu and unveiled some of the airline's new business-class temptations at his glass brasserie restaurant in Sydneyt Aria's Matt Moran on Singapore Airlines.

Mangan is pitted against long-serving Qantas star Neil Perry, who also faces off againspalates of the nation's airline travellers yesterday

He has been charged with taking Virgin's food and wine offerings upmarket as the airline moves in the same direction to attract well-heeled travellers.

The airline is planning a brand change, with Virgin Australia currently the popular tip, as it moves to upgrade lounges, add business class across its fleet and introduce wide-body aircraft on trans-continental routes.

Economy travellers yesterday found the pay-as-you go menu upgraded with Mangan-designed premium panni, a noodle salad and hot gourmet meat pie as well as a new selection of drinks and snacks.

Business-class travellers can look forward to dishes such as basque-style barramundi with braised calamari, saffron potatoes and capsicum.

The airline will be showcasing Australian wines, many sourced from boutique wineries, and the chef will be convening a panel to select the premium tipple.

Luke Managan changing virgin blue menu & prices
Luke Managan changing virgin blue menu & prices
Seats are not too bad
Seats are not too bad

The flight

 The staff were friendly and helpful on both flights and the seats are not too bad !

We enjoyed the flight and would travel with Virgin Blue again as it was a pleasant experience for us .

On our small tv it had the map of Australia & showed us where we were while on the way as well as our speed and so on which I find interesting!

What is important to you when choosing a flight ?

Do you have a favourite airline or do you look for the cheapest flights ?

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