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Fontana Beach on Geneva Lake in Fontana Wisconsin

Updated on April 25, 2012

Fontana Wisconsin

Being a local has its advantages.

I've just started to realize what I've been missing all along. I live here, people vacation here, but I LIVE HERE ! I've been too busy to realize what a beautiful area this can actually be and that there are many things to do and see around here, close to home, that I've never taken advantage of yet (keyword: yet! )

We've been doing a lot of walking on the beach in Fontana, WI lately. The beach is located on gorgeous Geneva Lake. The lake is approximately 8 square miles with a maximum depth of about 144 feet.

Currently it's a beautifully, quite place to take a walk. The water lapping at the shoreline, a few crazy jet skiers, out on the still very cold water, break the silence once in a while. The sand feels great on barefeet (not to forget to mention how sand is a wonderful abrasive for removing the dead skin on the bottom of your feet... get ready for summer girls!)

It's early, before the summer season begins. You see a few Illinois license plates trickling in here and there. Yet mostly, the beauty is all ours, the locals, at least for another month or so until about September when tourist season ends. (Don't worry Illinois people, I'm one of you, born and raised Chicago style. I might complain about your driving while you're here, but I know I drive just like you do when I'm visiting back at home. lol)

Lakeshore Attractions

There are many lakeshore attractions to visit. I haven't been to many of them yet, but I fully intend on visiting them!

  • Yerkes Observatory is an astronomical observatory operated by the Univerity of Chicago in Williams Bay, WI.
  • Big Foot Beach State Park is a 272 acre Wisconsin State Park used for swimming, camping, and fishing.
  • Chuck's Tavern on the lake in Fontana, WI. Hungry or thirsty? Dock the boat and walk up and grab some food or drinks.
  • Gordy's Lakefront Marine has boat sales as well as rentals.

Speaking of boat rentals, there's a Living Social deal right now for a 4 hour boat rental from Gordy's. The deal expires 4/30/12, so hurry!

The nature is alive and beautiful, the parks are clean and modern, the area hotels are classic and timeless.

Whether you've been here one hundred times or never, or even if you're a local and live here... you will appreciate the beauty of the area if you actually take the time to find it.

There are many other great, fun things to do in Wisconsin. I'll be adding more hubs about more places as I take the time to actually find them and experience them with my family.

So come explore Wisconsin, I bet you'll love it here too!

I love living here!


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