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Technology Meets Food and Arts in Singapore City

Updated on March 5, 2018
Singapore's Infamous Marina Bay Sands
Singapore's Infamous Marina Bay Sands

Singapore is a uniquely diverse country to visit with a rich variety of culture as well as food. It has been most widely recognized as one of the best places to do business and became a financial hub. Among the great variety of tourist attractions to explore are places like Sentosa island or Arts Museums. What strikes is an extensive area of lush green sites arranged among high-rise buildings, shopping centers and suburbs.

Singapore's rapid growth can be discerned through its bold architecture as well as a bustling city life that is not confined by hourly restrictions. There is evidence of religious diversity in Singapore everywhere. Some sites display inviting Buddha statues at the front.

Technology is at the center of Singapore's development and it can be seen in the most unexpected places, such as in suburban small restaurants, where a robot is used in advertising and attracting a clientele instead of a waiter in yet another way to invite inside.

Robot in front of a restaurant in Singapore
Robot in front of a restaurant in Singapore

Singapore's Food

It is always exciting to explore Singapore and especially its culturally diverse food. The food is widely accessible in some areas all day and all night. Even small commonplace restaurants, not mention hawker places, can serve great and tasty food. As there are three main races living side by side in Singapore, such as Chinese, Malay, and Indian, there is a wide variety of three cuisines available and at times even mixed together. Apart from these cuisines, there are other cuisines widely available, such as European, Indonesian and Arabic.

The traditional Singaporean dish is chicken rice or Hainanese chicken rice, but even such a dish can be served in a variety of ways depending on where it is served. The various ways of the interpretation of this dish demonstrates a creative input behind it. This dish has also been included among the 50 tastiest dishes in the world.

Singapore's blend of various Asian culture, yet retaining European influence instills a plethora of food styles, habits, and behaviors that also pervade human interactions. In this sense, it is truly a city that never sleeps, where food, but also items like mobile phones can be purchased 24 hours a day. Exploring the food in Singapore is the least one should do if there is no time to do anything else.

Singapore appeals to visitors because of its different lifestyle that is not confined to just one culture.

Chicken Rice or Hainanese Chicken Rice in Singapore
Chicken Rice or Hainanese Chicken Rice in Singapore

Art is Everywhere in Singapore

Singapore city centre differs from other areas in style as well as content. Its cutting edge art though that can be admired in Museums and other shows also renders itself more broadly. Just as progress and technology are widely present in this rapidly growing city-state, so is art and creativity that seems to be present in the most unexpected places. Art that is distinctly Asian is one of the most interesting things to explore in Singapore.

There are also other aspects of Singapore such as a ban on bringing a chewing gum or making it illegal not to flush the public toilet after use that visitors may find perplexing which reflects Singapore's adherence to law and order. As chewing gum littering started to become a hazard in public places it has been banned, although private use is allowed. Other restrictions such as a ban on smoking or jaywalking are also stricter than in other countries. All this reflects the way Singapore evolved, sometimes through discipline or necessity to improvise when confined to a limited space on the world's only island-city-state.

Singapore art
Singapore art

Clay Art in Singapore City

Among various Singapore attractions is pottery art at the National Gallery of Singapore. Iskandar Jalil's pottery art has been showcased in other parts of the world, and he received the Order of the Rising Sun from the Japanese Emperor.

Isdandar communicates with clay in an unorthodox manner, where he includes his mental processes into his art. He incorporates his thoughts as well as a discipline into the creative process of making pottery.

Apart from visiting Singapore's tourist places it is also worthwhile just to explore.

Iskandar potter clay
Iskandar potter clay

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