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For the love of my country...KENYA!

Updated on February 9, 2012

You see problems and poverty, I see beauty and blessings all around

Kenya is one word.....beautiful!

That I cannot explain until one has personally taken a trip to KENYA because somethings are better when experienced.

It is indeed sad to know what kind of a picture the Western world paints in regards to Developing countries! Yes there is poverty,Yes there are diseases, Yes there are people who go days without food....but dont we see that everywhere?

The difference is the fact that there is a greater gap in regards to social classes in Developing countries.

I have met alot of people who have admitted that before going to Africa, they were ignorant and closed minded but after taking a vacation trip or a study abroad trip to Africa, their whole perspective changed.

I will talk about the beautiful side...because they do not show that on TV. I will talk about Gods blessings that are so often overlooked. Kenyans have a big heart becuase we are very diverse! We have tons of different cultures and a wide array of languages! Even though tribalism still remains a monster among different tribes, in most cases you will find people having a good time, sharing and living life to the fullest!

I am pretty impressed with the current wave that is sweeping the young generation.Even though technology has created a global culture that has brough about Western Influence, there is still somethin unique that defines KENYANS!

In the music scene, the rise of NEO SOUL is incredible!...with bands such as Sauti Sol, Music is taking an amazing turn! The fashion world is also stunning! Much influence has come from western fashion but that has always been there. We do not wear skins and no we do not walk around tied up in sisal skirts!...Lets talk about hair... I miss the luxury of gettin my hair done every week by a stylist!!...I miss having my pedicure and manicure done in the comfort of home thanks to a stylist who would not mind! Life is simple and beautiful, but it is sad to know that because of cheap labor, the 21st century generation is a spoilt generation! The only time we got to do things for ourselves was in boarding school where breaking rules was a major mistake! On the other hand, holiday time meant sleeping and hanging out with friends while the maids clean the house, do laundry and cook!(Even for middle class and lower middle class, employing a house helper is very much affordable). With no car at sixteen, that does not leave one miserable and bored! Thank God for Matatus! Matatus are public transport vehicles that are HIGHLY PIMPED OUT!...The music is blazing and the flat screen tv's are becoming very popular in Matatus! With no rush (welcome to the world of African timing) waiting for your favorite matatu is not a big deal. Once can stand at a bus stop for an hour waiting for something fancier and "comfy".That, by the way, is something unique from other forms of public transportation in other countries...I say...Creativity defines the people of Kenya!

During holidays,groups of friends....(while we were Growing up it was family vacations but being adults,independence is key!)...get together and plan trips to the Coast...YES!...partying is something that is WIDELY embraced with much enthusiasm! Mombasa hakuna matata! Package deals for hotel rooms have become a booming business not only from tourists but also from locals!

I cannot forget to mention what we are known for! Safaris!

No we do not live with lions in our backyards, but if you enjoy wild life there is a choice of 59 National parks! This is an amzing experience! One that should be included in your bucket list my friend!

With alot of foreigners returing to settle down in Kenya, it has become normal!!...Even before I left five years ago, going to the mall felt like i was in a city in the USA...I can only imagine how much more diversity has flourished five years later!

Entertainment spots are becoming high end as people embrace more luxuries! Casinos are sprouting and that speaks for itself!

The latest fuzz according to friends and newspapers is weddings! Hiring Helicopters to make grand entrances to weddings is becoming a new trend! With that said, my wedding will be in KENYA!

We cannot forget to mention the 21st century slang..."sheng", wich is corrupted English mixed with Swahili our National Language! My siblings and I can talk about our parents without them figuring out a thing! In the recent years, Sheng has advanced to the point where many are debating whether it should be accepted as a language of its own!

Sigh...I have said much about Kenya and I do not think I can say it all! A place where happiness is not found in the big things but in the small blessings bestowed upon us as a NATION by THE Almighty God...

I look forward to volunteering in KENYA in the Summer, as I enjoy a beautiful vacation with family and friends!God grant me this one wish for 2011!Amen!

As for you my friend....if you want to fall in love with happy people, with exotic foods and with nature, this should be on your bucket list as soon as possible! Your perspective towards life will be transformed...FOREVER!

Be blessed!


matatu..a pimped out public transport vehicle
matatu..a pimped out public transport vehicle | Source
village market located in Gigiri
village market located in Gigiri | Source
Mombasa hakuna matata!!....KENYAN PARADISE
Mombasa hakuna matata!!....KENYAN PARADISE
Gods blessing to us....wild life and beuatiful birds :)
Gods blessing to us....wild life and beuatiful birds :)
another pimped out matatu!
another pimped out matatu! | Source


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    • afrykanqwin profile image

      afrykanqwin 5 years ago from knoxville,tn

      congratulations on your wedding!!!kenya is the best place to be in December :)

    • profile image

      Ezz 5 years ago

      Kenya ni (nyumbani) i cant wait to be there for my wedding this December.

    • chepkoluumugulel profile image

      chepkoluumugulel 6 years ago from Texas

      Sasa Afrykanqwin,

      This is indeed a very beautiful article. I am touched by the way you painted a beautiful clear picture about Kenya. Kenya is a blessed country. Some of her beauty has been hidden just because it is an African country. You are so right about the negative perspective about Africans. I was shocked in class one time when one guest speaker, who had been sent by the college to oversee a school near Thika Road, showed some pictures slides of Nairobi slums saying that, that was the capital city of Kenya. I protested and offered to given my own pictures about the beautiful capital city that I knew unless she was talking about another Kenya. Other Africans in class protested as well because it was obvious that could not have been a capital city of any country. The professor came to the quest speaker's rescue and ended the class lesson saying that we were out of time. I am excited to see people like you, who are ready to expose the hidden beauty, the brighter side of Kenya. You are indeed beautiful as your name goes. You also wrote a beautiful article about the beautiful country. Everything here is beautiful. Thumbs up for useful, beautiful and awesome article. Ubarikiwe.

    • afrykanqwin profile image

      afrykanqwin 6 years ago from knoxville,tn

      Yes Senbaga..people forget that poverty is may not be to the same degree but it is everywhere...there is alot of poverty in America...but all we hear about is its good side...and for me I got tired of the negativity towards Africa. I had to let it be known that Kenya is sooooo beautiful!!!...Fashion its especially at its peek!!.

    • profile image

      Senbaga Poonguzhali 6 years ago

      Awesome article!! And I totally agree with you. Kenya is truly an amazing country. I had always wanted to visit Kenya, as I was fascinated by its wildlife and I finally did it last year.It was an experience of a lifetime.

      As u said, people were so discouraging when I told them about my intended trip. Kenya is not safe, it is a poverty stricken country and what not. But my resolution was unmoved. True there is a lot of poverty in Kenya, but tell me in which country it is not there? My host at Kenya was so very hospitable and helpful.And the visits to the Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru are something blissful.I have no words to describe my experience. I want to come to Kenya again and planning to do so. Love Kenya!!

    • justamber profile image

      justamber 6 years ago

      Asante Sana :)

    • afrykanqwin profile image

      afrykanqwin 6 years ago from knoxville,tn

      Hi amber(i suppose thats your name)!


      I got to go to Kenya for my spring break. I hope to be going for ministry and volunteer time hopefully next year summer...

      Kenya is beautiful,just like everyother Nation it has its downfalls but ultimately I thank God for my beautiful heritage!

      Thanx...I have read your beautiful hubs..will be following you too!!

    • justamber profile image

      justamber 6 years ago

      I too LOVE Kenya. I wasn't as closed minded before I went but I definitely had NO IDEA that the poverty and social issues were as serious as they are. God has blessed me to go the last two years in a row. I go with a ministry and we have actually taken a team to Kibera. Most of the work we have done though is close to the Tanzania border. I have never met people with so much joy and love. The country is beautiful and God has definitely blessed Africa. I don't like the Western influences that have been brought to the country though. I will pray that God makes a way for you to return. Thank you for sharing this. I'll be following you. Karibu.

    • almasi profile image

      almasi 7 years ago

      Thanks for a beautiful and useful hub.

    • speedbird profile image

      speedbird 7 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      What an informative article! this is truly unique and captivating content. What a positive way to promote our country. Keep it UP!


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