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Fort Boonesboro A Wonderful Step Back In Time

Updated on June 24, 2009

Fort Boonesboro in Kentucky near Lexington is a great place to visit. For some of us this is a great step back in time and a great historical lesson that we might not have ever thought about stopping at before. In fact it was just by pure chance that I stopped one day to see what the area held. I know that for me it was a great experience that I enjoyed immensely even to the point that I went back a year later with my kids to share in the adventure with them.

Now if you are like some people who love the history that is available will be mind blowing and peak your interest even more in what occurred to help establish our nation as it is now. For me I know that I didn't realize all that happened in Kentucky to help the early settlers move out this way or the harshness of the life that they had to live in to ensure that we would have a great life today. You can learn a ton of information at Fort Boonesboro before you even tour any of the buildings that have been rebuilt just by going in to watch the educational video that they have made using actors dressed in period dress. I know that some of the information I had learned, but some of the other information I had no idea that is how it was settled until after I had seen this film.

After you watch the short film you will want to ensure that you take time to walk around each building and if they are open you will want to go into them. I know that for some people they might seem like they are in a constant hurry to get through the tour and the movie, but do not let these people distract you. You will want to take your time to see the buildings at various states of occupancy. I know that it is interesting to see how the people would adapt the small homes that they had to suit the needs of them for the longer that they lived inside the protective walls of the fort. While you are touring the fort you will also want to take time to talk with the people that are at the fort. You might not realize that you can learn quite a bit from these people, but I actually found out how the original settlers of the fort came to making fire from one of the gentlemen working at the fort. Which when you consider that all we do now is walk over to the thermostat and turn it up to get heat you will be amazed at how hard these people had to work just to maintain heat for the home and cooking.

Now if you are lucky enough to be down at Fort Boonesboro when the rear doors of the fort are open you will want to venture out into the meadow behind the fort. I know that for some people it will look just like a grassy field which in a sense it is you can walk around and just listen to the wind going through the woods and the meadow though and you can almost place yourself into the time period that the original fort was built. Not only will you be able to see a different view of the fort which can be seen in the picture that I have posted on this article you can see a small replica wood camp. Now the wood camp is very interesting to walk over to, but I will warn you to be careful because their are some holes that were created by wildlife that you can trip in.

Once you decide to wander back into the fort you will want to walk by the small blacksmith shop in the center of the fort. You will be able to learn quite a bit about metal working from the time period of the fort while enjoying some quality family time together. If you are very fortunate you will even be able to see the people working with the metal while you are present. I know that even with my dad being a welder it is still interesting seeing how they shaped the metal into usable parts back then.

You will also want to make sure you venture into the wide variety of buildings around the perimeter of the fort. I know that for some of these they are set up as the houses, but some of them are staffed with various stages of work occurring using the older ways. When you view some of the older ways of how they made candles, clothing, and even wood working you will probably gain a great respect for the people that settled this great nation of ours.

If you like some of the items that you see around the fort that the people are making you will want to make sure to stop in at the gift shop. Now like most gift shops you will pay a speciality price, but some of the items that the fort makes you can purchase here. I know that I purchased a handmade plate at the gift shop and it has actually lasted a lot longer than any of the plates that I have purchased at the store. So if you do purchase something here that is made at the fort you will be sure to see the difference in quality of the items compared to some of the other items that you might have purchased elsewhere.

While some people might not enjoy learning while taking a road trip if you want to learn and have fun at the same time then you will want to stop by Fort Boonesboro in Kentucky. I know that Fort Boonesboro is now one of my favorite spots to stop at while I am driving through Kentucky or if I just want to take my kids out for the day on a day trip.


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