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Four Things You'll Want To Avoid When Visiting Arizona

Updated on May 19, 2015

1. Dont Go To Jail In Arizona

Trust me you don’t want to end up in an Arizona county jail. We got a sheriff that is very tough on crime and he holds true to his reputation. You might have heard of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He’s not very well liked by most people but he doesn’t play around when it comes to breaking the law. So if you ever get arrested in Arizona you’ll probably get a feel for what an Arizona county jail is like. These Arizona jail tents are intentionally set up for your discomfort.

Dangerous criminals and serious offenders get the comforts of a stonewall cell with steel toilets, sink and a bunk bed cot, but if you’re a small time offender you get to camp out in Tent City while you’re awaiting trial and believe me it ain’t no picnic either.


Tent City

Ok so doing time in an outdoor tent has got to be much better than being surrounded by three brick walls and a cell door right? Think again my friend. Don’t forget that Arizona is notorious for its brutal summers. With temperatures reaching up to 116 degrees and higher, you won’t be a happy camper hanging out in a tent all day without any type of cooling system. The winters couldn’t be any better either with no type of heater provided. You’re simply left to deal with the elements wishing you were in a temperature controlled jail cell instead.


Meatless Meals And Salt Free Diet

Let’s face it, meals at any institution you’re in are going to be bland, boring and probably unhealthy but in this case I think Sheriff Joe’s menu has taken that to the next level. Only two meals a day with no meat or salt. Now that's a hard meal to swallow and you better get used to it.

As if jail food wasn’t bad enough already, eating a salt and meat free diet can be hard to adjust to for most people but hey!, If some of these inmates actually get used to this diet they may turn themselves into vegetarians once they get out. Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing right?

Pink Underwear

Pink underwear. It’s the in-thing at Tent City and there’s no hiding them either. They show right through your black and white jumpsuit for everyone to see. Humiliated? Maybe so, but this would be the least of your worries when you’re stuck in a tent all day braving the brutal summers and cold winters while eating tasteless, meatless meals.

Tent City is definitely no picnic for anyone. Complaints add up to the thousands and wrongful death lawsuits have made their way to the court rooms. There are even books published on "How To Survive In Tent City".

Word of advice? If you don't like your stay at Tent City then maybe you shouldn't go back. Besides there are more pleasant ways to spend your family vacation in Arizona. Just stay out of trouble and look for fun things to do like hiking, camping, indoor rock climbing etc..

2. Dont Get Caught Drinking And Driving In Arizona

Arizona holds some of the toughest Arizona DUI penalties in the U.S. for their offenders. They have whats called a zero-tolerance policy. This means that even if you pass a breathalizer test of under 0.08 percent B.A.C. you can still be charged with a DUI if the police officer feels you are intoxicated or impaired in any way, shape or form.

Can You Get A DUI For Sleeping In Your Car While Intoxicated?

You better believe it. This happens all the time so if you plan on sleeping in your car after a night out on the town with your friends then you better hide those keys really well. A police officer can get you for a DUI if they find your car keys on you, in your car or near your car if you are sleeping in it while you're intoxicated regardless if the car is on or not.

The police officer will base his argument off not knowing if you drove your car to its current location while you were still drunk. Then there is that possibility you may decide to drive off later while you are still under the influence. Something the police officer may not want to risk happening.

So believe me paying for a taxi cab is far cheaper than the estimated $10,000 it will cost you in

  • Fines
  • Paying to get your car out of tow
  • Cost of alcohol education classes
  • Jail fees (yes you pay rent in Tent City)
  • Initial installment fees and monthly charges for mandatory certified ignition interlock device in your car
  • Lawyer fees if you choose to go that route

Simply put, Cost of getting an Arizona DUI is just not worth it so Don't Do It! You're better off looking for fun recreational activities like Arizona hiking trails.


3. Avoid Hiking The Grand Canyon Unless You Are Prepared

For the last couple of years I have hiked all over Arizona including the Grand Canyon and I have seen it all. People hiking down the Grand Canyon in jeans and flip flops, hiking barefoot and yes I even witnessed someone wearing a collared shirt and a tie. I guarantee you they didn’t get as far as I did.

I mean sure the Grand Canyon is a nice big pretty hole in the ground but don’t take that lightly folks. If you dare venture down into this valley you better have the proper hiking gear and be in decent shape because its hell coming back up. Take it from a guy like me with an athletic build. I was taking breaks every ten minutes on my way back. Don’t get me wrong though, the Grand Canyon is breathtaking with phenomenal views. It’s worth the hike down but you’ll enjoy it more if you use your common sense, do some research and prepare for it.


4. Avoid Visiting Arizona In The Summer Time

Yeah it's a dry heat but ignore that silly phrase. Most of you probably know how unbearable the summers can get here in Arizona and if you don’t then you'll want to take my advice. Please don’t visit between the months of June-August and if you must come here during the brutal summers you’ll be doing only three things in Arizona.

  • Hiking up north where the elevation is higher and temperatures are much cooler
  • Enjoying indoor activities-bowling, movies, card games etc.
  • Going to pool parties to escape the heat and meet new people

When temperatures reach triple digits in Arizona even breathing outside can become a painful experience. Nobody is spending time outdoors for any extended period of time except in the early a.m. hours or evening times when it's a little more bearable.


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