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Free Ordinary and Extraordinary Walks Through Valencia - Plaza de la Reina

Updated on May 3, 2014

This is What We Call a Cloudy Day in Valencia


Plaza de la Reina and Finnegans

Behold the square in front of you, Plaza de la Reina. This is the beating heart and center of Valencia, only about 2 minutes away from where we took of last time.

Plaza de la Reina is famous for the Irish pub Finnegans of Dublin because they broadcast any important football or rugby game. I'm not really a sucker for soccer but it's no problem for me to watch the guys, cheering on their favorite team.

Actually this pub it so famous for it's location, terrace and its many flat screens inside, that you might be surprised to see the square packed with fans, who come visiting a game between Valencia CF and their own team.

Lucky for my peace and happiness, this only happens once in a while, making my walks through town, pleasant and quiet, instead of bumping into big beer bellies, heavily burned and hairy backs, trying to avoid any intelligent conversation based on....pints, balls and women....of course.

Take of Here

A markerPlaza de la Reina, Valencia -
Plaza de la Reina, Valencia, Spanje
get directions

Calle la Paz


Palmtrees All Over Valencia

Looking to the right at Plaza San Vicente Ferrer
Looking to the right at Plaza San Vicente Ferrer | Source

A Beautiful 30 Minute Walk On an Ordinary Sunday

Forget about the hairy backs and turn left with me into Calle la Paz/Carrer de la Pau. You can see all the way to the end of the street, with hardly anyone walking outside.

Calle la Paz is a very chic street to walk through, making you want to look up, stand still at every corner and be fascinated about the architecture.

Take your camera with you, if you feel like it and behave like a tourist, like I did many years ago. It fills up me up with joy when seeing tourists wondering around with their I-pads, mobiles and backpacks, while taking pictures of buildings I pass daily.

They confirm my very first impressions of Valencia, looking up and down in awe while observing the apartment buildings, bars and terraces around them.

I have to control myself sometimes, for not starting a casual chat, only to share my passion with some strangers for living in such an enchanting city.

- "On holidays are you?"
"Yes, we are. You too?"
- "Oh no, I live here."
"Well, we think it's a beautiful city!"
- "It is a beautiful city. I walked around like you a few years ago and felt this is the place for me to be. If you need any tips on restaurants, bars, museums or shopping areas, I'm always willing to share some of my tips."

Plaza de San Vicente Ferrer

Iglesia de Santo Tomás y San Felipe Neri
Iglesia de Santo Tomás y San Felipe Neri | Source

My Kind of Apartment

Calle del Mar with a modern apartment building in the middle of the older ones.
Calle del Mar with a modern apartment building in the middle of the older ones. | Source

We're Almost There

While walking further down the road, we find hotel Vincci Palace at the right side of Calle la Paz on a cross road. A great hotel for those who want to spend a chic stay in Valencia.

Turn left on this crossroad, to arrive in about 50 meters on the beautiful square Plaza de San Vicente Ferrer with the church, Iglesia de Santo Tomas y Sant Felipe Neri in front of it.

Turn left again into Calle del Mar, to head back to Plaza de la Reina in a bit. This street is one of my favorite in town, with many bars and tapas places where the Spanish like to come and have their complete lunch of only 10 euros!

The modern building on the right, is for those who want to live comfortably with their own parking, doorman and secured entrance. Something many Spanish can't afford these days but foreigners who can, will do so with pleasure.

Calle del Mar

Look up and stare. I can't stop staring if I see such beauty!
Look up and stare. I can't stop staring if I see such beauty! | Source

You've Made it. Now on to Chocolate Fondue!

I took you around the block today, you can't be tired and hopefully long for more. To some people though, Valencia turns out to be disappointing.

They expect a city like Paris or Rome, with a fast life, crowded shopping streets and the vibe you get in a metropolitan city, where people get sucked up by daily life and stressful weeks.

Valencia is everything but metropolitan. Waiters will recognize you, bartenders remember your favorite drink and bus drivers patiently explain the road to you.

You wave at people you know from the bakery, the hairdresser or your favorite restaurant and your neighbors always greet you in the elevator, when you come home.

If you're looking for a place to be anonymous, Valencia is not the type of city for you, but I am a sucker for casual talks with handsome waiters, free drinks and some lovely compliments.

Do me a favor and sit with me for a while on the terrace of Valor, our best chocolate bar in town! While we order a chocolate fondue, I'll tell you a little love story one day about a single woman and a gorgeous waiter, who used to serve right at this spot.

Thanks for joining me again this day. See you another Sunday! Ciao!

Plaza de la Reina

The beating heart of Valencia
The beating heart of Valencia | Source


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    • Askme profile image

      Pritchard 4 years ago

      Glad to hear the city is trying to find a positive way to handle graffiti!

    • Escobana profile image

      Escobana 4 years ago from Valencia

      There is graffiti all over the place but thanks to townhall there are many legal places to make streetart. This doesn't avoid ugly parts in town but it's a big city trying to manage the streetartists the best way possible.

      They do a pretty good job I have to say:-)

    • Askme profile image

      Pritchard 4 years ago

      Beautiful. Can't wait to see it someday. Reminds me of Italy--the architecture. Is there any graffiti problem there?

    • Escobana profile image

      Escobana 5 years ago from Valencia

      Thanks for stopping by Lipnancy:-)

      Whenever you're in town we'll have a drink on the terrace! Have a nice weekend!

    • Lipnancy profile image

      Nancy Yager 5 years ago from Hamburg, New York

      I sounds very much like a large small town. I like places where people know you by name and wave.