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Free stuff to do in New York City this fall

Updated on October 1, 2014

Leave your wallet at home

Whether you're on vacation in The city that never sleeps or you actually live here, there's tons of free stuff to do to occupy your time and expand your views and skills. I am going to take you on a free ride day by day that will make you want to stay here forever. So let's go!

It's Monday, you have all the time in the world but you don't know what to do and you just don't feel like spending any money today. Why don't you take a free ride on the ferry to Staten Island? Yes, it's a round trip ticket for nothing more than $0 and it lasts for about 20 minutes one way. Enjoy the beautiful view of Statue of Liberty and Financial District, as well as Jersey City, Brooklyn Bridge, Downtown Brooklyn and Verazano Bridge. You might want to take this ride twice a day, once during day and once during night because it's definitely a different experience. And while you're at the South Ferry station, go check out the American Indian museum. It's free admission and it will get you closer to different Native American cultures. You'll learn interesting facts about them and expand your own knowledge of history.

Ah, it's Tuesday, now what? Stop by Bryant Park for some of the funnest free activities. Learn how to juggle. You already know how to? Add another ball to it, see what happens. And then another, and another. Juggling usually takes place during lunch time so go on and show off!

Yes, but now it's Wednesday and I'll really hate myself if I have to reach into my wallet. Don't worry, go to the Bronx Zoo! It's free on Wednesdays and you'll be able to enjoy watching a huge Grizzly bear taking a bath in a lake or an anaconda stretching out vertically to show you that she's taller than you.

Thursday you might want to get up early and be in Bryant Park at 7:30, otherwise you will miss a great opportunity to learn Tai Chi. How many more times in your life will you have such a chance to practice this Chinese martial art for free? And later on at 6pm you can do some yoga in the same place - Bryant Park! Mats are provided and 100% fun is guaranteed.

Thank God it's Friday because there's a free lesson of fencing at 1 pm offered by Bryant Park again, in front of the main Public Library. Full equipment and basic knowledge is provided as well as an opportunity to show your fencing skills to one another. Get ready to sweat a lot because fencing ain't easy. And while you're at the main Public Library, step inside for a First World War exhibition. Learn about the American propaganda and how it shaped general public opinion on war.

Weekend is here and you just want to take it easy. I get it. That's why I'm going to send you to Mid-Manhattan Public Library where you can read books for free and if you live in New York State and have a proof of address, you can get a free library card which will give you an option to rent a book or a dvd or use a library's computer or laptop.

Sunday is a day you might want to just go see a movie. AMC tickets are about $15 and you're more of a type to watch classic movies rather than Expendables 3. Well, every Sunday this fall at 2 pm you can enjoy an old black and white movie on big screen starring Bette Davis. Absolutely free of charge. So, whaddaya say we go for it?

Free fencing. I'm not making up.
Free fencing. I'm not making up.


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